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The fields of casino, gambling, sports betting, online gambling, and online gaming are all potential lucrative sectors for both businesses and players. Therefore, businesses in these industries have been ramping up their advertising campaigns not only on Facebook but also on Google. However, products and services in this industry are often restricted in advertising. If you want to advertise in these fields, you will need to apply techniques to effectively comply with advertising policies.

If you lack experience in running ads, don’t have expertise in circumventing policies, or need a stable and high-quality advertising account, why not consider Rent Google Ads Accounts specializing in casinos, betting, and online gaming from Optimal Agency? We have a team of experts ready to support you 24/7, helping you achieve success!

Advertising gambling on Google?

Advertising Platform

You can run gambling advertisements on:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Display Network
  • YouTube (Gambling advertisers wanting to restrict the age group that can view their ads on their homepage, brand channel, and/or videos can do so in compliance with our age-restriction policy)
  • AdMob
  • Ad Network

Google Search: Gambling ads can appear on Google and the Search Network. However, if someone has SafeSearch turned on, they won’t see these types of ads.

Display Network: Gambling ads can appear on partner websites that have opted in to show such content. Social casino game ads can show on partner sites, but they won’t show on websites that have opted out of this category.

Ad Formats

Accepted ad formats may vary depending on factors such as the platform you’re using, the status of your ad, and whether the publisher or partner has chosen to participate in showing such ads. Ad policies apply to all personalized ads. Here are some typical examples, though they may differ:

Not allowed to advertise gambling:

  • Ads in Gmail
  • Shopping ads
  • Pre-roll video ads

Requirements for running gambling advertising on Google

Google supports the promotion of products such as casinos, gambling, and card games if you comply with local gambling laws and specific industry standards. You are also allowed to advertise gambling-related content when you adhere to regulations and have a valid Google Ads certification.

Advertising gambling activities should target approved countries with landing pages displaying responsible gambling information and should target individuals aged 18 and older. For regions/countries you intend to target, it is essential to thoroughly review the regulations. If your advertising campaign only targets countries where Google does not allow such ads, your ads will be labeled as “Rejected” and will be strictly prohibited from running.

Group 1

Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

Casino GamesYes, but with restrictionsGoogle allows advertising for social casino games if:
+ The advertiser is a provider (or an agent representing a provider) of social casino games (not accepting aggregator websites and affiliate entities).
+ The advertiser holds valid licenses in the targeted countries for the distribution of their games if required by those countries.
+ The advertising, website, or app does not use symbols, names, or trade marks representing real-money gambling services. Advertisers must also be certified by Google.

Group 2

Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

Casino GamesYes, but with limitationsGoogle allows advertising for social casino games if:
+ The advertiser is a provider (or an agent representing a provider) of social casino games (not accepting aggregator entities and affiliate entities).
+ The advertiser holds valid local licenses to distribute their games in the targeted countries if required by those countries.
+ The advertising, website, or app does not use symbols, names, or trade marks representing real-money gambling services. Advertisers must also be certified by Google. See how to apply for certification.

How to Apply for Certification to Advertise Gambling and Casino Games

If you want to apply for certification to advertise gambling, casino games, etc., please follow these steps:

Review Specific Country Policies: First, familiarize yourself with the policies and requirements for each specific country where you intend to advertise. Ensure that your Google account for gambling and casino games meets these criteria.

Different Roles, Different Approaches: Understand that the certification process varies depending on your role. Pay attention to these distinctions, as they apply to running certain gambling ads on Google.

Organizational Licensing: If your organization is licensed in one of the countries where Google permits online gambling advertising, complete the application form provided for that purpose.

Government-Run Operations: If you operate in a country where Google only allows government-run organizations to advertise, click on the relevant link to proceed.

Ad Display Conditions: If your ads meet the requirements and are eligible, they will be labeled as “Approved.” However, if your ad campaign targets countries that Google does not allow, your ads will be labeled as “Rejected” and will not be displayed.

Restricted Ad Formats: Note that certain ad formats for gambling are not allowed on Google, including Gmail ads, shopping ads, pre-roll video ads, and user ratings annotations.

Policy Updates: Google’s policies regarding gambling, casino games, and betting ads may change over time. Stay updated and regularly review Google’s policies to ensure that your advertising campaigns remain compliant.

Challenges with Google Accounts for Running Online Gambling and Casino Game Ads

Advertising for casinos, online gambling, and gambling-related content is a sensitive area and can potentially violate Google’s policies. If you want to run Google Ads in this field, you need specific expertise and techniques to navigate the rules. Both new and experienced advertisers in the field of gambling may encounter the following issues:

  • Non-Compliance with Policies: Failure to adhere to Google’s policies or local, regional, or national regulations in the targeted areas can lead to the rejection of your ads and render them ineligible for running. This can significantly impact your business’s promotional campaigns and revenue.
  • Account Suspension: Google may temporarily suspend or even permanently disable Google accounts associated with gambling if they accumulate multiple policy violations or engage in serious misconduct. When this happens, all advertising campaigns within the account are temporarily halted.
  • Ripple Effect: Furthermore, related accounts can also face temporary or permanent suspension if linked to a locked account. This particularly affects new accounts that are created when setting up campaigns.
  • Legal Compliance: To ensure user safety and a compliant user experience, Google requires advertisers to abide by current laws and regulations in the countries where they operate and where their ads are displayed.

If you want a high-quality Google Ads account for running casino, gambling, and casino game ads and receive maximum support from experts when implementing advertising campaigns, consider hiring Google Ads accounts from reliable agencies.

The address to rent Google Ads ads accounts

Optimal Agency – Specializing in Providing High-Quality Google Ads Accounts

Optimal Agency is a company specialized in providing and renting Google Ads accounts for running advertising campaigns related to casinos, gambling, and game betting with high quality. We have expanded our operations globally, serving customers in various countries such as the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, and many others. This has been made possible through our dedicated support team, proficient in multiple languages and with extensive experience in algorithms on advertising platforms.

Our main mission from the very beginning of our establishment is to assist businesses in deploying effective advertising campaigns on Google. We understand that running a business is not always easy for anyone. Therefore, we prioritize customer satisfaction and continuously strive to provide the best service experience at reasonable prices.

We are committed to maximizing customer data security and always adhere to the terms of contracts with businesses to ensure trust and long-term collaboration.

Service for Renting Google Accounts for Gambling and Casino Advertising in Optimal Agency

Renting Google Ads accounts for advertising in the casino, gambling, and gaming industries is one of the areas we take the most pride in. This is one of the flagship services at our company. When you choose to use services of Optimal Agency, you will receive a range of valuable advantages and benefits.

We provide Google Ads accounts with high trust levels, ensuring stable and effective advertising, and there is never a limit on the number of available accounts. This is achieved through our abundant and high-quality Google Ads resources. Our accounts are equipped to handle robust advertising campaigns, ensuring fast approval and the best bidding prices. With our accounts, you have the ability to run ads without budget constraints.

The fees for renting Google Ads accounts that we propose are always competitive and come with special offers. We always have experts available to support you around the clock, resolving any questions or difficulties quickly. We provide all the necessary tools such as VPS, proxy, cloaking, etc., to support your advertising process. In case your account is locked during service usage, we will promptly replace it with another account at no additional cost.

Additionally, our team of experts leverages deep knowledge of Google’s algorithms to help you address issues such as ad suspensions or account locks. We not only offer account rental services but also open a store for Google Ads accounts at reasonable prices.

Contact Optimal Agency today to receive the best quote for Google Ads accounts, along with many attractive offers and professional support. Our experienced team of experts will efficiently resolve any challenges you encounter during the Google Ads campaign deployment process.

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