Ads Campaigns with Facebook Ads BM Accounts Limit 1500 USD

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You are in need of a high-quality Facebook Ads BM Accounts to run advertising campaigns regularly with a large budget? You may encounter issues such as your advertising account being disabled when starting a campaign or facing budget restrictions at a low level.

Optimal Agency, are committed to being the leading provider of reliable and high-quality Facebook Ads BM accounts. One of the options we offer is a BM account with a $1500 limit, enabling you to run advertising campaigns more efficiently.

We understand that managing advertising accounts on Facebook can be challenging and come with risks. With the support of Optimal Agency, you can have more confidence in executing your advertising campaigns without worrying about BM account-related issues. Continue reading our article to gain a more detailed understanding of the service and benefits we can provide for you.

What is a Facebook Ads BM Limit 1500 USD Account?

A Facebook Ads Business Manager (BM) account with a Limit of 1500 USD is an advertising account specifically designed for businesses. This account comes with a maximum daily spending limit of 1500 USD, meaning you can allocate up to 1500 USD for your advertising campaigns when using this Facebook Business Ads account.

However, not all Facebook Ads BM accounts start with such a high spending limit. Initially, Facebook often imposes lower daily spending limits as a security measure and to ensure reliable payment. Once Facebook trusts that you are a trustworthy payer, the spending limit will automatically increase.

There is no specific fixed limit on the number of advertising accounts that can be created within a Business Manager (BM). Instead, there are various types of BMs with different limits on the number of advertising accounts that can be created. For example, BM1 allows creating 1 advertising account, BM5 allows creating 5 advertising accounts, and BM2500 can hold up to 2500 advertising accounts. However, initially, you typically can only create BM5 or BM10. After you have used up the allotted number of advertising accounts within the BM, you can create more.

When should you use Facebook Ads BM Accounts for advertising effectively?

If you are running advertising campaigns with a large budget, for example, around $250 per day, using Business Manager will yield higher efficiency compared to using personal advertising accounts. This is because Business Manager provides better support from Facebook and helps you manage campaigns more conveniently. It also facilitates the management of multiple advertising accounts and allows you to track advertising spending performance in detail.

The process of raising the spending limit typically starts at a lower threshold, such as 25 USD, then progresses to 50 USD, and eventually reaches the BM Limit of 250 USD and, ultimately, 1500 USD. However, the success of increasing this limit is not guaranteed and depends on the trustworthiness of your Business Manager account. The higher the trust level of your BM account, the higher the spending limit can become.

Some common examples of BM accounts with a spending limit of 1500 USD include BM1 Limit 1500 USD (allowing you to create 1 advertising account) and BM3 Limit 1500 USD (permitting the creation of 3 advertising accounts). Additionally, there are accounts like BM5 XMDT Limit 1500 USD, which enables you to create up to 80 advertising accounts. Various types of BM accounts, including vintage BM accounts, are also available.

When it comes to newly created Business Managers (BM) via ‘Via’, you should allocate 1-2 weeks for the account to engage before starting advertising campaigns to avoid any account locking issues. However, when you rent or purchase a BM from Optimal Agency with a high level of trust, you can use it immediately without the need for a long waiting period.

The Requirements for a Facebook Ads BM Limit 1500 USD Account

  • Good Payment History: Your account needs to have a good payment history without any payment-related issues. It’s essential that you make full and timely payments for advertising services on Facebook. By maintaining a payment history free of incidents, you will build trust with this advertising platform. When Facebook trusts you as a reliable payer, your daily spending limit will automatically increase.
  • Compliance with Advertising Policies: Ensure that you always adhere to Facebook’s advertising policies. This includes avoiding any violations of the rules and maintaining a clean record with no advertising rejections or account restrictions within a 30-day period. By consistently following Facebook’s policies over an extended period, your spending limit will automatically increase.
  • Verify Your Business Manager (BM): Complete the verification process for your Business Manager on Facebook. Once verification is successfully done, you will have the ability to directly request an increase in spending limit for your BM account. After verification is completed, you can use your BM account to spend at least 100 USD on each advertising account and unlock additional ad account creation limits.
  • Time and Reliability: To increase the spending limit of your Facebook Business Manager (BM) account to 1500 USD, you need to ensure that the account has been active for a sufficient duration and has a good level of reliability. Alternatively, you can utilize the services of reputable entities like Optimal Agency to quickly obtain a Facebook Business Manager BM account with a 1500 USD limit without the need for a prolonged waiting period.

Rent Facebook Ads BM Limit 1500 Account

When you experience our Facebook Ads Account Limit 1500 USD rental service, you will enjoy the following special benefits:

  • Trusted and Verified BM Account: We provide you with a Business Manager (BM) account that is highly trusted and identity-verified, allowing you to create multiple advertising accounts without worrying about security. Our accounts are quality-assured, not easily locked, and have strong spending capabilities, along with fast ad approval.
  • Diversity in BM Accounts: We do not limit the number of BM accounts you can use. You have full control over accessing and managing your advertising campaigns. This makes you more flexible and efficient in managing ads on the Facebook platform.
  • Facebook Benefits: We help you receive many benefits from Facebook, including the best market rates and updates on new features. This helps you save your budget and improve your advertising performance.
  • Running Large Budget Campaigns: Our service enables you to run advertising campaigns with a large budget. Our experts understand the Facebook algorithm and will help you overcome spending limits to achieve optimal performance.
  • Dedicated Support: We always create the conditions to ensure you have the best experience. This includes the lowest account rental fees, flexible payment options, discount promotion, 24/7 support, content consultation, ad optimization, and the ability to change pages when necessary.

Let us help you optimize your advertising campaigns on Facebook and achieve excellent results. Put your trust in us and experience the difference we can make for you.

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