How to Maintain a High Trust Facebook Ads Account Without the Risk of Being Locked

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As Facebook continually refines its advertising policies and algorithms, maintaining a high trust Facebook Ads account has become a critical aspect of successful digital marketing. The risk of having your account locked or disabled looms, threatening to disrupt your carefully crafted ad campaigns and marketing strategies.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the strategies and best practices for nurturing and safeguarding your Facebook Ads accounts trustworthiness.

Why Is it Necessary to Warm-up Facebook Ads Accounts?

A Facebook account plays a crucial role in promoting and advertising products, services, or a business’s brand on the Facebook platform. Facebook is one of the largest and most popular social media platforms worldwide, with 3 billion monthly users. Running ads on Facebook allows you to reach a vast audience of potential customers and target demographics based on various factors, including demographics, behavior, interests, and more. With Facebook tightening its advertising policies, many advertising accounts are at risk of being locked or disabled. The main reasons behind this include:

  1. Unclean account history: Ad accounts with a history of poor usage or past policy violations can impact their credibility, increasing the risk of being locked in the future.
  2. Brand-new accounts: Newly created ad accounts often have minimal history and activity on the platform, raising suspicions and the risk of scrutiny or suspension.
  3. Using debit Visa cards: Facebook typically requires users to provide valid payment information for ad campaigns. Using debit Visa cards or payment methods without sufficient funds can hinder the normal operation of ad accounts.
  4. Use of fake Facebook profiles: Ad accounts created using fake or non-authentic Facebook profiles are subject to strict scrutiny. Facebook prioritizes authenticity and consistency in advertising on its platform.
  5. Violation of advertising policies: This is the primary reason for ad account locks or suspensions. Violating Facebook’s advertising policies, such as using inappropriate images, deceptive headlines, or advertising prohibited products, can result in severe penalties for ad accounts.

By nurturing and building trust for your ad account, you can reduce the risk of it being locked. In particular, when you own multiple Facebook Ads accounts, you ensure that your advertising campaigns remain uninterrupted.

However, it’s important to note that maintaining ad accounts can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. If you want to use high-quality Facebook Ads accounts without managing them yourself, especially if your products or services fall under Facebook’s restricted advertising categories, you may consider renting Facebook Ads accounts from reputable agencies like Optimal Agency.

Resources Needed to Nurture Facebook Ads Accounts

The essential resources required to maintain and grow Facebook advertising accounts include:

  1. Facebook Business Manager (BM): You need a Facebook Business Manager account, typically a BM 350 or equivalent. This BM serves as the central hub for managing your advertising accounts.
  2. 1 Verified Identity Account (Via) for Ad Account Holding or Verification: To maintain a high level of control, you should have a Via account with administrative rights for holding the BM, Pixel, Domain Verification, and other critical assets. This Via is designated as Via A.
  3. Verified Identity Via Account with Administrative Rights: This Via is used to add cloned advertising accounts to the BM, ensuring that these accounts are accurately managed. It is often labeled as Via B.
  4. Verified Identity Via Account with Editor Rights: This account is used to add payment methods and create advertising campaigns for cloned accounts within the BM. It is commonly referred to as Via C.
  5. Cloned Advertising Accounts from Different Countries: To ensure diversity and suitability of advertising accounts, you need cloned advertising accounts from various countries such as Europe, Germany, Italy, or other nations. These cloned accounts are solely used to acquire advertising accounts and add them to the BM.

In summary, to nurture and manage Facebook Ads accounts effectively, you require a precise combination of management accounts, verified identity Vias, and cloned advertising accounts from different countries to ensure security and efficiency in your advertising campaigns.

Manual Process Warm-up Facebook Ads Accounts

Each account needs to utilize a dedicated IP, device, and browser. Ensure that your computer environment is clean and free from suspicious activities.

Grant administrative permissions to Via A, Via B, and Via C accounts as outlined in the resource preparation section. Add cloned advertising accounts to the Business Manager (BM), making sure to use an anonymous IP and browser.

To acquire advertising accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Accessing IP for Advertising Account:
    • Visit to obtain the IP of the advertising account.
    • Add the personal advertising account of the clone to Via B and wait for the request to be approved.
  2. Ownership Verification for Cloned Accounts:
    • Access the Clone account and select “Set Up Advertising Account” and “Ownership Verification.”

Maintaining a clean computer environment is crucial to nurturing high-quality and stable advertising accounts. Here are some situations you may encounter while maintaining effective advertising accounts:

  1. Checkpoint on Via Login: One common issue is encountering a security checkpoint right after logging in via Via (intermediary account).
  2. Advertising Account Deactivation After Via Login: If the working environment lacks safety measures, the advertising account may become deactivated immediately after Via login.
  3. Difficulty Creating Advertising Campaigns: In an environment that isn’t clean or doesn’t adhere to safety rules, you may encounter challenges when creating and running advertising campaigns.

Granting Administrative Permissions to Other Accounts:

To perform operations on newly added advertising accounts within the BM, you need to grant permissions to the corresponding Via accounts.

  1. Access and select “People” => “Add” => Enter any email => Choose the administrative or employee role you wish to share with the BM.

Adding Cloned Ads Accounts to the BM

Cloned Facebook accounts on the market are relatively inexpensive. When purchasing them, it’s advisable to log in using a clean browser and an IP from the corresponding country. This same procedure should be applied to Facebook Via accounts when purchasing them. Use an anonymous browser to log in and acquire the advertising accounts.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: To acquire the IP of the advertising account, access this link:

Step 2: Add the personal advertising account of the clone to Via B.

Step 3: Enter the advertising account details and wait for the request to be approved.

Step 4: Access the Clone account and go to the “Set Up Advertising Account” section, then click “Ownership Verification.”

Please note that these steps apply to all clones, and you should perform them sequentially to acquire advertising accounts. After adding them, the BM will have cloned advertising accounts.

Adding Payment Methods and Creating Campaigns

To add a payment method to the BM and create campaigns, follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Log in to Via C (Via with editor rights) and access the BM management tool.
  2. Step 2: Access the advertising account and add the desired payment method.
  3. If you wish to create a campaign, select the account and click on the “Open in Ads Manager” option. Follow the detailed campaign creation instructions.

Changing the Name of Advertising Accounts

To change the name of an advertising account, you need administrative rights for the advertising account. Log in to Via B and click on the “…” to proceed with the name change.

Creating and Sharing Facebook Pixels

To create a Facebook Pixel, access the settings for your business and select “Data Sources” => “Pixels” => “Add.” If you want to share a Pixel, go to the Pixel section and choose “Add Asset.” Then select the advertising account you want to share the Pixel with and complete the process.

During the process of nurturing advertising accounts, create accounts for interaction as if you were a real user and adhere to the guidelines for activities and interactions on social media. Post statuses on your timeline, reply to comments on various pages and groups, and engage genuinely.

In conclusion, maintaining a high-trust Facebook Ads account without the risk of being locked is a meticulous process that requires careful attention to detail and adherence to best practices. If you are too busy or don’t have the time to nurture or warm up your accounts, or if you have limited knowledge in this field, you can trust Optimal Agency’s Facebook ads account rental service. Rest assured that it won’t disappoint you.

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