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In the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, staying updated with the latest digital marketing trends is crucial to adapt to the changes. In this article, we will highlight the significant digital marketing trends that will shape the healthcare industry in 2023.

Social Media

Today, social media is being used to provide better support to patients and healthcare professionals. It includes discussions, connecting people, and simply sharing health-related information. Doctors and healthcare experts actively engage in these discussions to provide accurate information and advice.

Furthermore, the presence on social media platforms also helps healthcare brands attract more patients. According to Evariant, as many as 57% of users trust and decide to seek treatment from healthcare organizations they have engaged with online. This makes building trust on social media platforms a critical element in the marketing strategy of healthcare organizations.

According to a study conducted by the Health Research Institute (HRI) at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in the United States, social media tools play a significant role in influencing 41 percent of consumers when they make decisions about choosing a particular hospital, medical facility, or doctor. This underscores the growing importance of social media as a valuable business development tool in healthcare marketing.


SEO trends in the healthcare industry are constantly evolving to reflect the complexity of the field. Nowadays, users search for health-related information on their mobile phones. Ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly, loads quickly, and is easy to use on mobile devices is crucial.

Additionally, to meet the timely and urgent search needs of users, businesses should incorporate geographic elements to enhance their visibility to patients in specific areas. Adding location-specific keywords like “United Healthcare Provider phone number” or “Alliance Healthcare Direct” can make your content stand out in search results.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has become a key driver of success in healthcare-related social media strategies. According to Wyzowl, 88% of consumers say they are persuaded to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video, and 73% want to see more short videos.

This tool delivers superior efficiency in the healthcare industry due to its authenticity, liveliness, and avoidance of monotony compared to traditional text formats. Moreover, the rapid growth of video social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube contributes to the success of marketing campaigns. Videos can be used to establish emotional connections, provide detailed product or healthcare service usage instructions, and leverage these video platforms for a stronger impact.

Tracking ROI of Each Digital Campaign

One of the significant benefits of digital marketing is the ability to track, measure, and evaluate the specific outcomes of each campaign. For healthcare marketers, this approach helps them understand what’s happening, what needs optimization, and how to use the marketing budget effectively. Additionally, healthcare CRM systems also monitor and report on the results of marketing campaigns, enabling marketers to identify initial success and financial control for each specific campaign.

These trends will shape how the healthcare industry reaches and engages with customers in 2023 and the years to come.

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