How much do Facebook Ads Cost India 2024?

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The Facebook India Online Services branch of Facebook generated over ₹27 billion in revenue during 2023, marking a 20% increase compared to the previous year. As more and more businesses continue to shift their advertising investments toward Facebook, the question we are most frequently asked is: “How much do Facebook ads cost India? In this article, we will provide you with comprehensive information regarding Facebook Ads cost in India.

How much does Facebook Ads cost India?

Facebook Average Ads Cost in India

In India, the average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook ads ranges from ₹0.51 to ₹2.26. However, this average CPC can vary based on the industry and the target audience. Interestingly, Facebook ads cost in India is significantly lower than the global average CPC of around $0.97 (₹64). Let’s break down some key metrics related to Facebook advertising costs India:

Business MetricsCost Involved
Average CPC (for Link clicks)₹0.51 – ₹2.26
Average CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions)₹9.95
Average CPL (Cost Per Lead)₹0.75
Average CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) ₹2.95
Average Cost Per Video View ₹0.27
Average Cost Per Engagement₹0.20
Average Cost Per App Installation₹14
Average Cost Per Conversation₹37.73
Average Cost Per Ad Recall₹0.25
Average Cost Per Lead₹54

Cost per click for Facebook advertising in India varies depending on the industry or niche targeted. Here is a list of some industries along with their average CPC:

IndustryAverage CPCAverage CTRAverage Conversion Rate
Consumer Services₹0.230.75%9.85%
Job Training and Employment₹0.200.50%12.25%
Finance and Insurance₹1.230.63%9.85%
Home Decor₹0.830.69%6.25%
Industrial Services₹0.590.79%0.81%
Travel and Tourism₹0.140.89%2.95%

Factors that influence the cost of Facebook Ads

The cost of Facebook ads can be influenced by several factors, both in India and globally. Here are the significant factors that come into play:


Audience Targeting

The cost of Facebook ads is directly linked to the difficulty of reaching an audience. The more complex the demographic and psychographic profiles used for targeting, the higher the cost of advertising. Additionally, reaching a larger audience with high content reach tends to increase the cost, while narrowing the target market may result in lower costs.

Facebook Ad Goals

The objectives of Facebook ads, whether they are brand promotion, considerations, or sales generation, can significantly impact the cost. Different goals may have varying costs, with simpler brand promotion generally being less expensive than generating sales.


The law of supply and demand plays a crucial role in Facebook advertising costs. Higher competition for the same audience leads to increased costs, especially if rivals have strong spending power and high relevance rates.

Promotional Period

The timing of the advertisement affects the cost, with an increase during peak seasons such as during holidays or specific events. Selecting the right timing for promotions can impact the cost and overall effectiveness.

These factors need to be considered when determining the budget and strategy for Facebook advertising in order to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the campaign.

It’s important to note that the cost of Facebook and Instagram ads can vary based on competition, resulting in different costs per click or cost per impression. There is no specific minimum or maximum budget for these ads, and it’s recommended for new advertisers to start with a small budget and scale based on the results obtained.

If you need further assistance with specific budgeting or insights into advertisement costs, it’s recommended to connect with experienced professionals in the industry for tailored guidance.

The differences in Facebook ads between India, the United States (US), and the United Kingdom (UK)

When comparing Facebook ads cost India, the United States, and the United Kingdom, there are notable variations based on key metrics. Here are some insights based on the provided information:

Average CPCapproximately $0.12.around $1.10.£0.78
Average CPMCPM figures were not specified in the provided context.around $7.34approximately $3.15
Time of yearAdvertising costs increase during peak shopping seasons (e.g., Diwali) when businesses compete for ad spaceSeasonal trends impact costs similarlySeasonal trends impact costs similarly
  • Advertisers targeting specific countries like India, the US, or the UK should tailor their strategies to account for cost differentials and audience behaviors.
  • Investing in high-quality ad creative and targeted campaigns based on audience profiles can optimize advertising costs.

By leveraging these insights and adapting strategies to suit regional nuances and target audiences effectively, advertisers can optimize their Facebook advertising campaigns across India, the US, and the UK to achieve desired marketing goals.

In conclusion

Understanding Facebook ads cost India is essential planning your marketing budget and strategy. Despite the relatively low average Facebook ads cost India compared to other countries, it’s crucial to take into account the diverse factors that can impact this cost.

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