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Currently, Facebook remains the largest social media platform. However, in reality, Facebook has lower organic engagement compared to its sibling within the Meta ecosystem: Instagram. Most content viewed on the Facebook platform comes from friends and accounts that users follow.

To address this issue, advertisers utilize Facebook ads to enhance brand visibility among potential customers. If you’re a beginner, you can refer to Optimal Marketing Agency’s article on the best ways to advertise on Facebook.

What is the best way to advertise on Facebook?

What sets successful Facebook marketers apart? It’s not just about chasing “new methods” to expand business and wealth. It’s understanding the essence of what you’re doing.

The Core Principle: Inputs and Outputs

  1. Quality Inputs Matter:
    • Imagine Facebook as a hungry data monster. Feed it high-quality inputs.
    • Define your audience meticulously. Who are you targeting? What resonates with them?
    • Craft compelling ad creatives—videos, images, and copy.
    • Set up your campaign, ad sets, and ads with precision.
  2. Outputs Reflect Inputs:
    • Facebook processes your inputs and decides which content it prefers.
    • Sometimes, the answers aren’t crystal clear. Metrics may look fantastic or lackluster.
    • Analyze these outputs. Understand why Facebook serves you specific data. Adjust accordingly.
  3. Break Free from Assumptions:
    • Don’t cling to audiences or creatives you believe are stellar, even if they consistently underperform.
    • Detach yourself from the process. Your job: input data, analyze output, fine-tune (I get it – it’s tough for marketers and brand owners. We all think we know best; I’m guilty of Facebook modesty too).

Testing and High-Quality Inputs

  1. Audience Testing:
    • Start with meaningful audiences (initially). Gradually explore less obvious ones.
    • Run professional, high-quality ads. Facebook rewards quality inputs with quality outputs.
  2. The Takeaway:
    • Understand this concept, and your Facebook ads will soar.
    • Only when you grasp the essence can you dive into methods, tips, and tricks.

let’s explore best way to advertise on Facebook in specific areas

Best way to advertise real estate on Facebook

Use appropriate landing pages/lists if you don’t have the resources to track everything.

Some suggestions:

  • Customize Target Objects: Based on the traffic to your agency’s website, create custom objects categorized by property type and price segment (e.g., standalone houses in the $300-500k range or apartments in the $200-500k range).
  • Targeted Advertising Groups: Ensure you have at least one advertising group targeting the local area, especially if it’s a beautiful neighborhood.
  • Highlight Key Features: Display essential features such as pricing, floor area, and attractive amenities.
  • Utilize Beautiful Imagery: Use appealing images to capture engagement
Best way to advertise on Facebook Ads for real estate

When creating Facebook ads to generate leads for potential real estate clients, it’s crucial to identify an appropriate offer or hook that resonates with your market.

For example, if you’re targeting investors, consider running a tool that attracts potential customers by offering a list of homes currently priced below market value by 10%. This can pique their interest and encourage them to explore further.

On the other hand, if you’re targeting first-time homebuyers, you might want to provide a list of pocket listings or properties priced under $399,000. Alternatively, if you’re hosting a free workshop, Facebook can assist in attracting attendees to your event. Remember, tailoring your offer to your specific audience is key to successful lead generation.

Tutorial Facebook Ads for Real Estate professionals in Youtube

Learn how to create a Facebook ad that generated over 20 closed deals for a realtor, without skipping any important details via Youtuber Mike Sherrard.

Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

Best way to advertise event on Facebook

Create a landing page with event-related offers (discounts, free content, something of value). Run an optimized conversion campaign to attract potential customers to that landing page. Push potential customers to CRM via email and nurture them through email until the event date.

Tutorial Facebook Ads for Event professionals in Youtube

Promoting your event using Facebook Ads

How to advertise on Facebook for free?

Linking Your Website to Your Fanpage

To increase the number of visitors to your fanpage and boost engagement with your Facebook posts, consider embedding your Facebook link on your website. This strategy allows you to redirect traffic from your website to your fanpage without incurring any advertising costs on Facebook.

Remember: Don’t forget to link your website to your fanpage!

Sharing Your Website Link in Facebook Posts

Conversely, you can strategically place your website’s sales link in the fanpage description and within individual posts. When your posts reach a wider audience, it translates to more free traffic to your website.

Creating Free Images with Canva

Every Facebook seller knows that high-quality images significantly impact the effectiveness of marketing posts. While hiring a designer is the traditional route for eye-catching visuals, specialized tools like Canva can help you achieve the same results. Explore Canva’s extensive library of free templates to create impressive banners and posters effortlessly.

Best ways to advertise on Facebook ads using Canva

Diversify Your Fan page Content

For effective free Facebook advertising, focus on creating diverse and captivating content for your fanpage. Consider turning text content into images or videos, organizing mini-games, or hosting small giveaways to enhance customer interaction with your posts.

We’ve compiled best way to advertise on Facebook. If you have any questions about any of these tips or the resources they link to, or if you’d like to see an additional tip added to the list, please leave a comment below. 

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