How to Maintain a High Trust Facebook Ads Account Without the Risk of Being Locked

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Maintaining a Facebook Ads account is crucial for businesses aiming to promote their products, services, or brand on the Facebook platform. With over 3 billion monthly users, Facebook is one of the largest and most popular social networks globally. Running ads on Facebook allows you to reach a vast audience of potential customers and target specific demographics, behaviors, interests, and more.

Why need to maintain Facebook Ads Account?

However, as Facebook tightens its advertising policies, many ad accounts face the risk of being locked or disabled. Here are the main reasons behind this:

  1. Unclean account history: Ad accounts with a history of poor consumer behavior or past policy violations may be affected. Previous violations can erode trust in the account, increasing the risk of future restrictions.
  2. Very new accounts: New ad accounts often lack sufficient history and activity on the platform. Facebook may view this as suspicious and subject them to stricter scrutiny or potential restrictions.
  3. Debit Visa card usage: Facebook typically requires valid payment information for running ads. Using a debit Visa card or an underfunded payment method can disrupt normal ad account operation.
  4. Fake Facebook profiles: Ad accounts created using fake Facebook profiles (which don’t reflect real users) are closely scrutinized. Facebook prioritizes authenticity and consistency in advertising on its platform.
  5. Policy violations: Violating Facebook’s advertising policies (e.g., using inappropriate images, deceptive headlines, or promoting prohibited products) can lead to serious consequences for the account.

In summary, maintaining a healthy Facebook Ads account is essential for effective marketing. It allows businesses to tap into Facebook’s vast user base, tailor ads to specific goals, and make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

Resources to maintain Facebook Ads Account

To nurture and manage a Facebook Ads account, you need a combination of essential resources. Let’s explore them:

  1. Facebook Business Manager (BM): This is the central hub for managing your ad accounts. You’ll need a Facebook Business Manager account, typically at the BM 350 level or similar.
  2. Verified Identity Admin (Via A): Obtain an admin-level Verified Identity Admin (Via) to handle critical resources like BM, Pixel, and domain verification. This Via plays a crucial role in maintaining account integrity.
  3. Admin-verified Identity Account (Via B): Use this Via to add cloned ad accounts to your BM. It ensures accurate management of these accounts. Via B is usually marked as an admin-verified identity account.
  4. Editor-verified Identity Account (Via C): This account is used to add payment methods and create ad campaigns for cloned accounts within BM. Via C serves as an editor-verified identity account.
  5. Cloned Ad Accounts from Different Countries: To ensure diversity and relevance, acquire cloned ad accounts from various countries such as Europe, Germany, Italy, or others. These cloned accounts are solely used for extracting ad accounts and adding them to BM.

In summary, a well-balanced combination of management accounts, verified identity account, and cloned ad account from different countries ensures security and effectiveness in your advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Account manual process

Here’s a manual process for nurturing a Facebook Ads account:

  1. Isolate Resources:
    • Each ad account should use a separate IP address, dedicated device, and browser. Ensure that your computer environment is clean and free from suspicious activities.
    • IP and browser anonymity is crucial to avoid any suspicion.
  2. Admin Permissions:
    • Assign admin permissions to the Via A, Via B, and Via C accounts as mentioned in the resource preparation.
    • Add cloned ad accounts to your Business Manager (BM) while using anonymous IP and browser.
  3. Retrieve Ad Accounts:
    • Access Facebook Ads Manager to retrieve the IP of the ad account.
    • Add the cloned ad account to Via B and wait for approval.
  4. Configure Cloned Ad Accounts:
    • In the cloned ad account, navigate to “Ad Account Settings” and request ownership approval.
    • Ensure that the working environment remains clean to maintain stable and effective ad accounts.

Common challenges you might encounter while maintaining stable ad accounts include:

  1. Checkpoint on Via Login:
    • Using a Via (intermediary account) for ad account login may trigger security checkpoints during login.
  2. Disabled Ad Account After Via Login:
    • If your work environment lacks safety measures, the ad account may become disabled after Via login.
  3. Difficulties Creating Ad Campaigns:
    • An unclean working environment or non-compliance with safety rules can lead to challenges in creating and running ad campaigns.

Remember, maintaining a clean and secure environment is essential for nurturing stable and effective Facebook Ads Account.

Administer permissions

To administer permissions for newly added ad accounts in your Business Manager (BM), follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Select “People” => “Add.”
  3. Enter any email address and choose the desired level of access (admin or employee) that you want to grant for your BM.

Next, let’s add the cloned ad accounts to your BM:

  • Facebook clones are available at a relatively low cost in the market. When you acquire them, log in using a clean browser and an IP address corresponding to the respective country. This applies not only to cloned ad accounts but also to Via Facebook accounts.
  • Here’s how to proceed:
    1. Retrieve the IP Address: Access to retrieve the IP address of the ad account.
    2. Add Personal Cloned Ad Account to Via B: Add the cloned ad account to Via B.
    3. Submit for Approval: Fill in the ad account details and wait for approval.
    4. Configure Ownership: In the cloned ad account, navigate to the “Ad Account Settings” and request ownership approval.

Remember, these steps apply to all clones, and it’s essential to follow them sequentially to obtain functional ad accounts. Once added, your BM will have the cloned ad accounts ready for use.

Add payment method

To add a payment method to your Business Manager (BM) and create a campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Via C (the account with editor permissions).
  2. Access the BM management interface.
  3. Navigate to the ad account where you want to add the payment method.
  4. If you’re launching a campaign, select the ad account and click on “Create in Ads Manager” to follow detailed campaign setup instructions.

Changing the name of an ad account

  • To rename an ad account, you need admin access to the ad account.
  • Log in to Via B.
  • Click on the “…” menu and proceed with the name change.

Creating and sharing a Facebook Pixel

  1. Create a Pixel:
    • Access your business settings and go to “Data Sources” => “Pixels” => “Add”.
  2. Sharing a Pixel:
    • In the Pixel section, choose “Add Assets”.
    • Select the ad account you want to share the pixel with and complete the process.

During the process of nurturing your ad accounts, interact like a genuine user:

  • Post updates on your timeline.
  • Respond to comments in groups and pages.

Remember to follow guidelines for social media activity and engagement while maintaining your ad accounts.




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