5+ Best Ways To Earn Revenue Using Instagram For Business

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Throughout this decade, Instagram has developed to become one of the most popular social media channels on the Internet. While Instagram is defined as a video/image-sharing platform, some can use it for other purposes, such as Using Instagram for Business. Especially, if your brand operates in the fashion or accessory fields, you should use Instagram to market your brands and products.

Using Instagram For Business: What Is Instagram?

In case you don’t know what Instagram is, it is a free social media app where people can share and interact with images or videos with their families, friends, or everyone else. You must be 13 or above to create an Instagram account.

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Debuted in 2010, Instagram reached over 2 billion users in February 2024. One factor contributing to this channel’s popularity is the viral challenges and trends.

What Are The advantages of using Instagram for business?

With over 2 billion users, using Instagram for business will benefit you and your brand. You are not alone if you are unsure about devoting money and effort to this platform. However, it would be a missed opportunity if you didn’t use Instagram for business.

Increase User Engagement

Unlike most social platforms obsessed with text and links, Instagram is all about images and videos.

This platform focuses on visuals which is a true goldmine for digital marketing. Instead of attracting people to your website with lame lines of text, you can use fascinating photos to tell your brand’s story. Display your products, bring your services to life with lively videos, or even offer behind-the-scene scenarios.

Better Engaging Audience

For all businesses, finding your target audience is the key to success.

Instagram is a powerful tool for digital brand marketing since the younger generation favors this platform. If you want to connect with young people, this social media channel should be your first choice.

Connect With Customers

A research shows that about 80% of all Instagram users tend to find products or services, and most of them decide to “check out their carts” here. Besides, one-third of all users purchase products directly via this app.

The reason leading to Instagram has become one of the most effective marketplaces is that it allows retailers to display their products perfectly, both physical and digital goods.

5+ Most Popular Revenue-Earning Method Using Instagram For Business

Creating Custom Ads

Growing organic brand awareness and audience is free, but have you ever considered Instagram Ads that may help you reach the peak better? Imagine using your Instagram business account to run ads and reach a potential audience of thousands, millions, or even billions of users. What a great outcome it can be!

Instagram Ads Example

You can advertise on Instagram in 2 ways: promote an available post on your account or set up a customized advertisement via Facebook Ads Manager. You can approach potential clients to ensure they see your business in an appropriate niche.

Optimizing Your Profile

Optimize Instagram Profile

Thinking of your profile as the first impression to your customers, you will see that optimizing the profile is essential as one of the methods using Instagram for business.

First of all, you should switch your current account to a business profile that will benefit you more, such as:

  • Improved credibility: Your brand will look more trustworthy and legitimate.
  • Advanced profile features: Industry label, contact info, and a contact button – the functionalities that can’t be found in a personal account.
  • Call-to-action (CTA) buttons: This feature makes it easier for the clients to find, check out, and interact with your service. Then, you can make sales ways faster.

Adding Your Website To The Instagram Profile’s Bio

Add Website to Instagram Bio

Returning to the first impression, having a clear and trustworthy bio will definitely help you stand out from the crowd since your bio is the first thing the visitors will read in your profile. So what do you realize here?

Your Instagram bio is the solution to help you build your brand, attract more followers, and boost sales. Since Instagram only lets you share 1 link, bio link tools (such as linktr.ee) can be the hero. These tools will let you send visitors to a series of pages on your website from just a single link in your bio. This helps you stay well-organized.

Focusing On Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

Instagram Influencers

Influencers or KOLs are the terms that you may hear or know, and affiliate marketing allows them to earn a commission on every sale they refer to a company or brand.

If you need an external force to boost revenue, collaborating with influencers will be a great beginning in using Instagram for business. This relationship will usually bring mutual benefits for both influencers and brands.

A brand will benefit from an influencer’s product post and receive improved engagement after the publication of that post. When the influencer tags that brand, the followers will get curious and access the brand profile page. In exchange, if the collaboration is successful, the influencer will likely repeat it, and they will receive commissions again. Therefore, it is a win-win benefit for both sides using Instagram for business.

Making Advantage of User-Generated Content

Mentioning user-generated content (UGC), you may think that it may be wild and challenging, but this content type will benefit you in the future. UGC is the content type that comes from your customers’ contribution to the content creation process of your brand.

When it comes to customer reviews and posts, it is like a free and genuine endorsement. People don’t often believe the reviews of KOLs or influencers but the reviews from old customers can build up trust and make other followers purchase your goods.

Hosting Minigames & Contests

Contest Instagram

Similar to influencer marketing, contests are used to gain engagement and awareness of users toward your site using Instagram for business. The rules are simple: A page or an influencer brings up a contest and requires participants to tag their friends in the comment.

Not only increasing followers & user engagement, this type of content also boosts your brand awareness and engages current users to purchase your goods. If you do it right, you will highly get a chance to create your community on Instagram.

Conclusion on Using Instagram For Business

With all the above understandings and tactics, using Instagram for business should offer you more opportunities to increase revenue and build your brand awareness. The results won’t come up immediately but with those tips for using Instagram for Business, your bank account will start to ring shortly after this.

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