Why You Should Use Facebook Ads Account For Rent in 2023?

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If you are a business owner, you can consider Facebook advertising. Effective Facebook advertising can be incredibly lucrative – but only if it’s done correctly. Because, recently, there have been numerous Facebook advertising accounts blocked or flagged. Your advertising account is blocked, but you can’t file a complaint with the Facebook team, resulting in poor and ineffective business outcomes.

We recommend that you consider renting a Facebook advertising account from an agency as one of the best solutions for you. Renting an advertising account will help you address most of the issues. So, what are the benefits of renting FB ad account? Let’s dive into them.

Facebook ads benefit from renting a Facebook Ads Account

Certainly! Let’s explore valuable and comprehensive insights into our services. Specifically, let’s address the limitations associated with individual ad accounts:

  • Your FB advertising account is locked: this situation often happens recently and you have to spend a lot of time and effort to complain back to the FB team and get your ad account back.
  • Ad Account Spending Limit: If your business needs to reach a huge audience and spend a large budget, you’ll have big problems with an individual ad account when you can’t spend within budget limits.
  • The ad review time is too time-consuming.
  • Other problems: Along with that, dozens of other problems arise that not everyone can solve well when running independent ads.

Therefore, you should consider renting a Facebook Ads advertising account to minimize encountering these issues.

Stable, Quality and Reliable

With a rented advertising account, you can trust that your account is managed by a team of experts who know how to maximize Facebook advertising. Additionally, because the rented advertising accounts are tailored for business purposes, they often come with higher-quality ads and more stable results. You can rely on these outcomes and build on them to continue achieving positive results in the future.

Scale Your Business

Your campaigns can be scaled up easily with huge daily budgets because our ad accounts are secured and taken care of by Facebook account managers. Therefore, if you notice that your advertising is performing well and you want to increase the budget, you won’t need to worry about spending limits. Facebook will trust these accounts more completely, they There are no worries and businesses and individuals can ramp up their marketing campaigns with as big of a budget as they want. Cost-effectiveness of ad campaigns in a rented ad account that will outperform your regular personal ad account and reach your target audience better.

With our advertising account rental service, you can spend up to 2300$ per day.

Faster Review Times

Your ad may be reviewed earlier than Facebook’s standard review (24 hours after placing your ad) – it may take as little as 1-2 hours to activate your campaign. When you rent a Facebook advertising account from Optimal Agency, your ads will be reviewed by our team of experts before publishing. This means that we will identify any issues with your ads in advance and help you adjust them.

Disabled or Restricted Ads Account? Not a problem!

In the event that your rental ad account is blocked due to some issue, we always have spare new leased ad accounts for you to ensure that the advertising campaign is not interrupted and affected.

If you’d like to explore how Optimal Agency can contribute to the growth of your business through Facebook advertising, please reach out to us today! We are more than happy to address any questions you may have.


To ensure the safety of your advertising campaign, choose a reputable and reliable provider to rent Facebook advertising accounts. You can refer to some reputable Facebook account rental service providers in the market to find the most suitable service package for your advertising campaign. When opting to rent a Facebook Agency account, consider the following criteria:

  • Seek a reputable service company with industry experience.
  • Rent a Facebook ad account specifically for business purposes.
  • Choose a reasonable fee with a guarantee of account quality (investing wisely ensures substantial support from Facebook).

The cost of renting an ad account will depend on the budget you will be running on this Agency account. The larger the operating budget, the lower the service fee will be. The service fee is a % of the advertising budget running on the account over time. The time usually calculated here is one month.

Where to rent Ad Account?

Optimal Marketing Agency boasts over 7 years of expertise in assisting businesses and executing Facebook advertising campaigns. We possess a portfolio of highly reputable Facebook Agency accounts, ensuring swift approval of your advertising campaigns by the Facebook system, leading to optimal effectiveness. Moreover, our accounts come with budget allocations of up to $20,000, all of which strictly adhere to Facebook’s advertising policies with a 100% compliance rate. Thanks to these factors, our advertising accounts are typically expedited through the Facebook system, delivering high efficacy.

In addition, our team of experts provides precise support to potential customers, further enhancing the overall assistance we offer.

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