Tips for Black Hat Facebook Ads: Optimize Your Profits

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When it comes to running Black Hat Facebook advertising campaigns, staying ahead of the curve is essential. In this guide, we will delve into valuable insights and strategies to help you navigate the world of Black Hat Facebook Ads while keeping your profits soaring. Discover tips and tricks that not only help you evade pitfalls but also ensure your ads are finely tuned for maximum optimization. Let’s dive into the realm of Black Hat Facebook advertising and unlock the secrets to boosting your bottom line.

Utilize Facebook accounts with spending history

If you don’t have one, initiate your Facebook account and ad account properly. If you want to expedite the process, you can consider purchasing ad accounts from a reputable and verified Agency.

Warm Up the Ad Account on Facebook

Use and purchase VPS, and work with accounts through remote access.

  1. Log in to the purchased account and simply close the browser without logging out.
  2. After waiting for 3 hours, reopen the browser and start by creating a new page.
  3. Wait for an additional hour, then add this newly created page to your Business Manager (BM).
  4. Following another 3-hour interval, link your payment card to the Ad account.
  5. After waiting for 5 hours from this point, you can create a campaign with a daily budget of $15.
  6. Once your ads are approved, which typically takes about 2 hours, you can gradually increase the budget by $10 increments.

Create ads

Create ads that comply with Facebook’s policies while effectively describing your offer, even if you need to simplify. If not approved, you can change the fonts in your ads. Having a different font makes it harder for AI to detect.

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Landing page

Avoid using direct links because you don’t know who will click through to the next stage. Use a landing page when running Black Hat ads. Your landing page should quickly engage users and be mobile-optimized.

You can cloak links to bypass Facebook’s scrutiny. Create conversion campaigns to maximize your results on Facebook using their excellent algorithm that operates after recording the first conversion.

Concealing your Pixel is necessary to run conversion campaigns for your affiliate offers and monitor conversions in your campaign dashboard. Additionally, hiding the Pixel will help safeguard your account from being banned.

Step 1: Create a thank you page on your WH page (People do not have to visit or see this page)

Step 2: You get a code from Facebook

You can find an entire list of what you want to trigger here

Step 3: If you are running with affiliate networks most systems allow you to place HTML code etc, Otherwise, you can just ask your manager to place this code.

This code will trigger the pixel on your safe page instead of the offer you are running.

Researching competitors

Those who create the best campaigns are those who follow the most to see how their competitive rivals are advertising. If you can’t think of ad headlines and descriptions, the best way is to refer to your competitive rivals. Remember, it’s “reference,” not copying. Because copying ideas from others will get Facebook’s attention and lead to your ads being blocked.

Buying ads accounts

If your advertising account is banned or under review for more than 1 day, consider purchasing a new Facebook account or Business Manager (BM). Running Black Hat ads often requires having multiple Facebook advertising accounts prepared to switch to in case one gets blocked.

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