Tips For Getting Your Nutra Facebook Ads Approved

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In this article, we will describe some ways to get your Nutra Facebook Ads approved. Advertising Nutra offers on Facebook is considered a black hat niche. Facebook is very strict in reviewing accounts used for Nutra advertising.


Preparation for Nutra Facebook Ads Campaigns

To prepare for Nutra Facebook Ads effectively, take the following steps:

  • Understand Facebook’s Policies: Familiarize yourself with Facebook’s policies in ads, especially related to Nutra products. Ensure your ads comply with all guidelines to avoid rejection.
  • Create Multiple Accounts: you need a substantial number of accounts. You can either purchase them or create them yourself, but it’s crucial to maintain and nurture these accounts.
  • Use Anti detect browsers: Employ browsers anti detect browsers and proxies to minimize the risk of detection for potentially sensitive ads content.
  • Utilize Cloaking Techniques: Incorporate cloaking methods to hide the true destination URLs and make them compliant with Facebook’s ad policies while stll achieving your promotional goals.

You can rent Facebook ad accounts through Optimal Marketing Agency, a company specializing in providing accounts and supporting your Nutra Facebook ads campaigns. They offer VPS, accounts, pixels, cloaking links, and everything you need to prepare for a campaign. During your use of the company’s services, if an account becomes inactive, we will promptly replace it with another one. Our company’s support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

Setting Up Advertisements

Before launching your Nutra Facebook Ads, it’s crucial to understand the platform’s advertising policies. These regulations may apply differently to your campaign, depending on your product and approach. If you have a good understanding of Facebook’s advertising policies, you can proactively address any account restrictions or bans that may arise.

  • Your advertisement must not promote the sale or use of unsafe dietary supplements.
  • Your advertisement must not contain before-and-after images or images depicting undesirable or unlikely results.
  • Your advertisement must not create negative self-perception to promote dieting, weight loss, or health-related products.
  • Your advertisement must not include false or misleading claims about the health benefits or functions of the product.

Optimize Ad Creative

Create ad content focused on purchase incentives like discounts and offers. Tailor your messaging to appeal to new customers and utilize retargeting for previous buyers. Test different creatives to see what resonates best.

Consider using a medical expert or a figure of authority in your ad creative. Testimonials or endorsements from credible sources can enhance trust and engagement.

Use a credible medical spokesperson for Nutra Facebook Ads

For a white page, it’s just as important as a black page because it will help your advertising campaign to continue running. If you decide to advertise weight loss products, for example, create content related to “Weight Loss Exercises” or “Gym Workouts” on your white page. The content on your white page should align with the theme of your advertisement.

Set up Business Manager

During this phase, you must have an active Facebook account linked to Business Manager, anti-detection browser, proxy, and a functioning cloaked link. Open your anti-detection browser, access your account, and then proceed to Business Manager. When creating headlines and descriptions for each image and pasting your cloaked link, Facebook bots will start checking that link, even before your ad begins running. So, make sure that the cloaking technique is functioning correctly and accurately.

Install Facebook Pixel

Adding a Facebook pixel is crucial. This helps Facebook attract similar audiences to your offer sign-ups, enhancing the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Don’t worry, if you install a Facebook pixel on your offer page, it should not be detected. However, you must follow the guidelines for creating a white page carefully.

Creating and targeting your ads

It is a critical step. Your target audience should be individuals above 20 years old, and you should focus on geographical targeting within specific cities rather than targeting the entire country. Below is a summary table of popular GEO locations and offers recommended by PropellerAds.

GEO LocationRecommended Offers
New York City Weight Loss Supplements
Los AngelesHealth & Wellness Products
LondonFitness Equipment
SydneyNutritional Supplements
TorontoDiet Plans
MiamiExercise Programs
ChicagoBeauty Products

Select suitable Offers

Remember that targeting the right audience and selecting suitable offers are crucial for the success of your campaign.

Continuously monitor the performance of your ads, tweak targeting parameters, and optimize your campaigns based on real time data to achieve the best results.

In conclusion

By following these steps and staying informed about Facebook’s policies and best practices, you can effectively prepare for Nutra Facebook Ads campaigns.

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  1. I’m intersted in learning more about your cloaking solutions, accounts, proxy servers and more. Do you guys offer these services along with “Renting Accounts”?

    • We have a cloaking service included in the account rental fee, so you don’t have to pay an additional cloaking fee.


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