How to protect resources on Facebook and prevent fraud through Botnet

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In the context of the widespread use of social media, protecting resources on Facebook has become increasingly important. This article focuses on preventing fraud through BOTNET while providing effective protection strategies and measures.

What is BOTNET?

BOTNET is a term that refers to a network of computers infected with malicious software, which is remotely controlled by one or more attackers. BOTNETs are often used to attack computer systems, steal personal information, bank account details, or distribute viruses. On Facebook, BOTNETs are commonly used to scam users by sending them malicious files or downloading files containing viruses, and then stealing all the cookies on all the browsers that the user has logged into (Facebook, Pages, groups, advertising accounts, etc.).

To avoid scams through BOTNET, you can apply the following methods:

Common scam forms

  • Pretend to be a customer or partner sending a file of a product or service.
  • Offer gifts, free courses, and click to download.
  • Attack an individual, expose this group, click on the image to view (the image may be fake).
  • Especially for those who are attacked, the perpetrator will message your friends in a similar way…

BOTNET activities

Most BOTNET scams today focus on files or downloads, which can be images or compressed files (with extensions like zar, bat, exe, scr…). When a botnet is activated, it steals all the cookies on all browsers that the user has logged into. Therefore, it is best not to download or install unfamiliar applications on your computer.

Some ways to protect and prevent

  • Limit the Admin Page, Group, or BM permissions for new and inexperienced employees.
  • For purchased accounts, change all password and email information, turn on 2FA, and delete login history on old devices.
  • For Pages and BMs, always have at least 2-3 administrators.
  • For Pages and BMs, avoid running ads and regularly check the account status to back up immediately if it is restricted.
  • For purchased BMs, check hidden administrator manually or use some software such as Smit, Adser.
  • For advertising accounts, balance the daily budget and avoid keeping too much money on the card.

Note: These are the methods that we are currently applying. In addition, you can refer to other resources on safety and how to keep safe.

In conclusion

To protect resources on Facebook from threats from Botnet, it is necessary to be vigilant and apply safety measures. Implementing protection and prevention strategies will help maintain safety and security for the user community on this platform.




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