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Gambling Ads, Dating service, and Nutra are highly profitable industries. However, what often occurs is that ads these services is hindered by Google’s approval policies.

Is there a way to continue running these offers more effectively without the risks of getting blocked? Cloaking techniques are the best solution for running ads for restricted products. Cloaking help you bypass Google’s bots, allowing your advertising campaigns to reach your target audience.

If you’re unfamiliar with cloaking techniques, you may need to hire an expert to run your Cloaking Ads. However, if you have some knowledge of SEO program and practical experience in running different software, you can run Cloaking Ads on your own.

Step-by-Step Principles of Running Cloaking Ads

Here is a summary of some basic steps to run cloaking ads across all social media platforms.

Set up Account

The first step is to have an account on the online social media platforms that you can use to run advertising campaigns. A tip here is not to use new account. You should use an old account with advertising activity. New accounts are very susceptible to AI bot warnings.

  • Do not use your official account.
  • In case your account gets banned, always have backup accounts.
  • If your account is new, maintain it with various activities before running ads that violate policies.

The solution to these issues is that you can purchase advertising accounts from reputable agencies. They can address your account-related concerns. You can learn about the benefits of becoming a client using the services of Optimal Agency in the article.

Cloaking Google Ads in SEO

The second step in running Cloaking ads is to perform SEO checks. To ensure that you can select the region and target audience, having your ads appear on irrelevant audiences can waste your budget and annoy them. If your ads do not reach the intended audience, it can reduce your viewing time. Consequently, Google may suspend you after receiving reports from customers, causing significant losses to your advertising campaign. Therefore, always perform SEO before cloaking to target only the audience that can bring ROI.

SEO helps you choose the appropriate keywords. You should use words that are searched for the most in a specific area and are relevant to your product for cloaking purposes.

Set up two different landing pages

The third and most important step is to create two different landing pages, one for the target audience you want to reach and one for bots.

You may have a question at this point: How do you differentiate between users and bots? This is done by programming different filters for ad clicks and the website.

Methods to Filter Targeted Objects

Two essential methods to differentiate between bots and targeted objects

IP Address

  • If the IP address belongs to a genuine user, the program will display the actual offer page after they click.
  • Maintain a blacklist of IP addresses for bots and undesired users. If an IP address is found in the blacklist, the Cloaking software will promptly identify it.

Geographic Target (GEO)

  • Only users accessing from the selected country can view the cloaked destination page.

IP addresses are a more reliable means of identifying bots. In such cases, the blacklist of IP addresses is used to display a blank page for bots and simultaneously prevent the identification of our Cloaking account.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Ads Cloaking


  • Assisting individuals and businesses in marketing prohibited products. For example, weight loss, gambling, crypto, and forex trading.
  • Reducing advertising costs by targeting specific customer segments.


  • Google policies are transparent, and violating them may result in being banned from Google Ads.
  • It can be frustrating for users and harm your website’s ranking.

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