How Can You Run Effective Cryptocurrency Ads on Facebook?

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In the dynamic and competitive fintech landscape, advertising on Facebook can be a potent tool to connect with your target audience. However, promoting cryptocurrency-related products and services on major platforms like Google and Facebook presents challenges. For instance, Facebook has implemented a ban on several cryptocurrency-related ads, scrutinizing both images and keywords associated with digital currencies. As a result, Facebook strictly prohibits crypto ads.

In this article, we’ll guide you through effective strategies and methods to run cryptocurrency ads on Facebook while ensuring compliance with platform regulations. Let’s dive in!

Does Facebook allow Crypto Ads?

    Facebook’s stance on cryptocurrency ads has evolved over time. Initially, the company banned all advertising promoting cryptocurrency products and services due to concerns about fraudulent practices and misleading information. However, this policy has since changed. Additional information on this can be found here.

    Here’s what you need to know:

    Eligibility Requirements

     If you plan to run ads related to cryptocurrency, you must meet eligibility requirements set by Facebook. These requirements help ensure that advertisers are legitimate and follow safe practices in cryptocurrency advertising. To confirm your eligibility:

    • Check Eligibility: Review the eligibility criteria listed here. These include licenses from countries with well-established cryptocurrency regulatory frameworks.
    • Submit an Application: If you meet the requirements, submit an application. Facebook will assess your eligibility based on the information provided.
    • Ongoing Evaluation: Note that not all applications are eligible. Facebook continuously evaluates eligibility signals and updates policies accordingly.

    Review Process

    The review process for cryptocurrency ads involves two parts:

    • Ad Review: Facebook’s system checks whether ads comply with the cryptocurrency policy.
    • Ad Account Review: If an ad falls within the policy scope, Facebook verifies whether the associated ad account is approved for cryptocurrency advertising. Violations occur if the ad is within scope but lacks approval.

    Recent Changes

    Facebook has expanded the number of regulatory licenses it accepts for cryptocurrency ads—from three to 27. The list of eligible licenses is now publicly available on their policy page. 

    Optimal Marketing Agency’s tips to promote cryptocurrency on Facebook

    List out countries where you can advertise cryptocurrency on Facebook

    Below we list the countries and regions that have passed legislation to enable cryptocurrency to be used as legal tender. We also have a game for you to guess which country will be next to pass their own laws.

    Countries Which Allow Cryptocurrency Ads Legal Tender

    Here’s a summary of the special licensing requirements for advertising cryptocurrency on Facebook in some countries:

    1. France: To advertise cryptocurrency in France, you need either a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) license or a license from the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF).
    2. Germany: In Germany, you require a BaFin (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) license for cryptocurrency advertising.
    3. Gibraltar: For advertising in Gibraltar, you must register as a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Provider with the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC).

    The rules surrounding cryptocurrency advertising on Facebook can indeed vary based on your unique circumstances and objectives. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend reaching out to Facebook’s support team or consulting with Optimal Agency. They can guide you in making optimal decisions for your ad campaigns, ensuring maximum results while minimizing the risk of ad blocking or financial lockouts.

    And here’s an exciting opportunity: Supercharge your cryptocurrency ads with ease! Explore our ad account rental service, which provides dedicated account management and content moderation teams. By leveraging this service, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of suspension or review. Don’t miss out—register for a free consultation today and elevate your advertising game!


    Create Facebook cryptocurrency ads

    Some creative and engaging Facebook Cryptocurrency ad ideas

    1. Unlock the Future with XYZ Coin!

      • Text Content: “Invest in XYZ Coin today and be part of the digital revolution. Secure, transparent, and ready for tomorrow!”
      • Image/Video: Show a futuristic city skyline with subtle XYZ Coin logos integrated into the buildings. Avoid direct money-related visuals.
    2. “Join the Crypto Wave 🚀”

      • Text Content: “Ride the crypto wave with us! Trade, invest, and explore new financial horizons.”
      • Video: Start with an attention-grabbing scene (within the first 3-5 seconds) featuring dynamic visuals (not direct cryptocurrency images). Use luxury cars, houses, or other intriguing visuals related to financial freedom.
    3. “XYZ Coin: Your Passport to Financial Freedom”

      • Text Content: “Ditch traditional banks. XYZ Coin gives you control over your money. No borders, no limits.”
      • Image/Video: Create a stylized passport cover with XYZ Coin branding. Again, avoid direct money visuals.
    4. “Crypto Café: Where Coins Meet Coffee ☕”

      • Text Content: “Visit our Crypto Café and learn about the latest coins. Espresso shots and altcoins served daily!”
      • Image/Video: Show a cozy café scene with people sipping coffee and discussing cryptocurrencies. Keep the focus on the café atmosphere rather than direct crypto imagery.
    5. “XYZ Coin: The Key to Decentralized Dreams”

      • Text Content: “Unlock the power of blockchain. XYZ Coin—your key to a decentralized future.”
      • Image/Video: Feature a golden key with the XYZ Coin logo as the handle. Again, avoid direct money-related visuals.

    Remember, creativity and compliance go hand in hand. These ads should pique curiosity and encourage viewers to explore further without violating Facebook’s policies.

    Avoid using images or accounts related to blacklisted individuals like Elon Musk in your cryptocurrency ads. By steering clear of such associations, you’ll ensure compliance and maintain a positive campaign experience.

    Targeting the right audience

    To effectively target your Facebook cryptocurrency ads, consider reaching the right audience based on their interests, demographic information, and behavior. Here’s how you can proceed:

    1. Age:
      • (Ages 18-34):  Younger individuals in this age group may be interested in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum as a way to build future wealth. Highlight the potential for high returns and the excitement of being part of a cutting-edge financial trend.
      • (Ages 35-54): People in this age range may consider cryptocurrency investment as part of their asset management and investment opportunities. Emphasize stability, diversification, and long-term growth potential.
    2. Gender:
      • You can choose to advertise to both males and females, depending on the specific product or service you offer. Cryptocurrency is not gender-specific, so tailor your messaging to resonate with both audiences.
    3. Geographic Location:
      • Identify important geographic regions for the cryptocurrency market. Consider targeting major cities or countries where cryptocurrency adoption is thriving:
        • San Francisco (USA): A hub for tech enthusiasts and early adopters.
        • Singapore: Known for its crypto-friendly regulations and active crypto community.
        • London (UK): A financial center with growing interest in digital assets.
        • Malta: A crypto-friendly nation with supportive regulations.
        • Seoul (South Korea): A tech-savvy city with high crypto adoption rates.
    4. Timing:
      • Determine the appropriate times to display your ads. Consider weekends or specific time slots during the day when potential users are likely to be online. Optimize your ad delivery based on user behavior patterns.

    By accurately identifying and targeting the appropriate audience, you can optimize the performance of your cryptocurrency advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

    Use cloaking methods

    When it comes to running cryptocurrency ads on platforms like Facebook, cloaking methods can be valuable for bypassing restrictions and ensuring your ads reach the right audience. 

    1. Cloaking Tools:

      • Cloaking tools are commonly used by advertisers to show different content to Facebook’s ad review system than what actual users see. Some popular tools include:
        • Fairlab
        • Trafficshield
        • JCI
        • Cloakerly
      • These tools help ensure that your restricted business URL and content remain hidden from auditors and ad reviewers.
    2. Ad Account Setup:

      • Set up your ad account correctly and follow regulations. Use a virtual credit card (VCC) template from the same country as your account to pay for ad expenses.
      • Use a proxy from the same country as your account for web browsing and advertising. This helps comply with Facebook’s geographical regulations.
    3. Ad Creative and Content:

      • Create ad posts closely related to your creative’s content and caption. Establish a natural and convincing connection with your target audience.
      • Avoid direct references to cryptocurrency trading or mining in your ad copy.
    4. Pixel Linking:

      • Link the Facebook pixel to your domain to track campaign results. This is crucial for monitoring performance.
      • Cloak the pixel link to ensure your campaign passes review and prevents Facebook from blacklisting your website.

    Benefits of renting a Facebook account for cryptocurrency ads

    Challenges with New Accounts

    Creating a new Facebook account solely for running cryptocurrency ads can be risky. Facebook may suspend or disable your account, and you could face other issues like high bid prices, budget limitations, or ad campaign restrictions.

    Renting Facebook Advertising Accounts

    A safer solution is to rent advertising accounts from professional providers. Reputable companies offer Business Manager (BM) accounts with advantages such as competitive bid prices and no budget restrictions.

    These rented accounts are optimized for smooth ad deployment and quick approval.

    Benefits of Optimal Marketing Agency’s Accounts

    Optimal Marketing Agency provides reliable BM accounts specifically designed for cryptocurrency advertising.

    Our experienced Facebook advertising experts have successfully executed numerous cryptocurrency campaigns.

    Benefits include:

    • Smooth Deployment: Your campaigns won’t face obstacles during deployment.
    • Budget Flexibility: No restrictions on budget or the number of campaigns.
    • 24/7 Technical Support: Our team is available for immediate assistance.
    • Account Replacement: If an account is suspended, we promptly replace it.
    • Detailed Daily Reports: We optimize your account to match your daily budget. You’ll receive comprehensive daily reports to track performance and results.

    By using Optimal Marketing Agency’s accounts, you can focus on your cryptocurrency advertising strategy without worrying about account limitations. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance!

    In conclusion

    In this article, we have presented a range of strategies and methods for effectively running cryptocurrency advertising on Facebook.

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