Facebook Dynamic Product Ads For Online Sales

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A potential customer enters your eCommerce store and views a few products. Then, they even add a product or two to their cart. But, just before completing the purchase, the baby starts crying, and they have to abandon the items in the cart and leave your site.

But, you don’t have to lose this potential customer! There’s a way you can remind them of the item they left in their abandoned cart and help them complete the desired purchase: Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPA).

This is a wonderful tool for both dynamic retargeting and acquisition, which you just can’t overlook. And in this article, I’m going to tell you all about it.

What are Facebook Dynamic Product Ads?

If you’re not aware, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) have undergone a name change. They’re now called Meta Advantage+ catalog ads.

This powerful tool lets you target people who visited your online store and viewed your products but haven’t completed the purchase. These potential customers, often referred to as warm audiences, are a valuable opportunity for conversion, and all it takes is a gentle nudge to encourage them to complete their purchase.

This is exactly what Meta Advantage+ catalog ads allow you to do. They are customized ad templates you can create and use for each of your products. This allows you to target your store visitors with the exact product they viewed, serving as a reminder to complete their purchase.

The beauty of these ads lies in their dynamic nature. Instead of creating tens or hundreds of individual product ads, you can create a single template and use DPAs to automatically show tailor-made ads to your target audience, containing specific products from your data feed.

This dynamic and personalized approach makes these ads an efficient and effective tool for driving conversions.

The benefits of dynamic product ads

Alright, now let’s get into WHY you should be using Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads:

  • Target high-intent audiences: Dynamic product ads allow you to target specific products to highly engaged audiences at the most opportune moments, resulting in remarkably high ROAS and increased clicks and conversions.
  • Recover lost sales: By reminding people of products they recently viewed, helping to recapture potential purchases that may have been almost forgotten.
  • Cross-selling: When showing potential customers products in which they have shown interest, we can also present other products that they may find interesting.
  • Efficient ad creation: Using just a single ad template, you can effortlessly generate numerous customized ads tailored to individuals who have engaged with your store across various Meta’s network of apps.
  • Proven effectiveness: Companies like Target and Shutterfly have experienced significant benefits from utilizing Dynamic Ads, with Target seeing a 20% increase in conversion and Shutterfly witnessing over a 20% increase in CTR.

Now that you know all the great benefits of Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads, you’re probably eager to get going with your first Dynamic Ads campaign.

How can I create dynamic product ads on Facebook?

Step 1: Go to the Meta Ads Manager and in the Campaign tab, click the green ‘Create’ button.

Step 2: Select ‘Sales’ as your campaign objective. Give your campaign an indicative name and click ‘Continue.’

Step 3: The next step will be choosing your target audience. You can either use an existing audience or create a new one. You need to decide whether to retarget your store visitors or launch a broad prospecting audience.

Step 4: Afterward, you’re going to select your conversion optimization event and set up your desired budget and bid strategy.

Step 5: Then, you can select between Single Image or video, Carousel, and Collection formats. Carousel Ads are more commonly used for Dynamic Ads, but if you’re using landscape images, a Single Image format is worth considering. In a Carousel format, you can add an attractive video as the opening card and a CTA with your company’s profile on the last card. Collection Ads appear only on mobile and provide the user with a full-screen experience showcasing several products at the same time.

Step 6: Select your product catalog and your specific product set, in case you want to use one.

Step 7: When composing the ad, the images will be pulled automatically from your catalog into the template you’re creating. Write the headline, the ad text, and your link description, and add the dynamic placeholders you need: brand, product name, description, price, etc.

Step 8: Additionally, you can add dynamic overlays to the product images themselves, which will also be automatically pulled from your catalog: price, percentage off, free delivery, etc. You can position these overlays, select their color, and more. Moreover, at this stage, you can add a frame to your images, announcing a special offer, for example.

Step 9: You’re ready to hit ‘Save.’

And that’s it, your first Dynamic Product Ad is ready! ✨

As you can see, Dynamic Ads on Facebook have changed the game for eCommerce businesses. They target the most profitable and “warmest” audiences with highly personalized ads.

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