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Facebook Ads account rental service 

A lot of Facebook ads accounts have been blocked or flagged recently. Your ad accounts got blocked but could not appeal to the Facebook team which led to your business results performing badly and not being efficient. It is time for you to look for a new solution to make sure stable ad accounts for your business and Facebook ads account rental service from the agency is one of the best solutions for you!

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Let’s find out some useful insights and details about the service:

  • Limitation of personal ad accounts:
  • Your FB ad accounts got blocked: this situation often happens recently and it takes a lot of time and effort to appeal again to the FB team and get back your ad account
  • The spending limits on ad account: If your business needs to reach out huge audience size and spends a huge budget, there is big trouble for you with personal ad accounts when you could not spend within budget limitations
  • Ad review time is too time-consuming
  • Always subject to high bids
  • Other problems: along with the above issues, you need to resolve many troubles coming so far

To avoid all stuff you might meet during using personal ad accounts, it had better for you to use a Business Facebook ad manager from a trusted agency and you can hire ad accounts from them.

  • Why should you rent a Facebook ad account?

    • Common Advertising Mistakes:
    • Businesses with unstable ad accounts.
    • Limitations in ad account’s spending which led your business not to be efficient in the results
    • Rented Facebook ad accounts will be suitable for running private games, traffic, sunfrog, teespring, ecommerce, . . .
    • It is too time-consuming process for your business to get approvals from Facebook system
    • Benefits of Renting a Facebook Ads Account:
  • Your ad accounts are more stable, quality and trusted which help your advertising ads run smoothly and no issues in terms of ad account error
  • Cost efficiency of advertising campaigns in rented ad account will perform better than your normal personal ad accounts and reach target audience better
  • Your campaigns could be scaled up easily with huge budget per day cause our ads accounts are guarantee and cared by Facebook account managers
  • Your ads could be got reviewed sooner compared with Facebook’s standard review (by 24 hours after setting ads) – it might take 1 – 2 hours only to get your campaigns be activated
  • In case, your rented ad accounts got blocked due to some issues, we always have back-up new rented ad accounts for you to work on those
  • With our rented ad account service, you can spend up to 2300$ per day.
  • What is criteria for choosing a PRESTIGE FACEBOOK ADS ACCOUNT RENTAL SERVICE?
  • Partner selection

Currently, there are quite a few units that are pretending to be official agents to sign contracts with your businesses. After that, businesses start to manage advertising campaigns for businesses and report the results to their customers with virtual interactions, meaning those interactions have no value.

Businesses will still have to pay costs for such virtual interactions but have no way to withdraw because they have already signed the contract. Because of this, it is very important to find out and choose a reputable unit to rent a Facebook ad account.

  • Contact consultant

Coming to Super Speed ​​Ads, businesses will first need to state their needs, the staff will give advice and account rental service packages for businesses to choose. Businesses will be allowed to choose appropriate service packages, which is the business’s decision.

  • Contracting

After going through the process of researching and consulting, the next step will be to sign a contract. The contract is signed, we will be the account management unit for the business. Any request about how the advertising campaign is, how the plan is or who is the specific audience group to reach. . .

All of those choices will be the last one to make, but don’t misunderstand that we won’t have the support. The best support will be given by us, and the problem of how to choose will be up to the business.

  • Deployment of monitoring

The advertising campaign is implemented, our unit will be the manager, the business will not need to spend a lot of time for this process, reports will be sent continuously and if there are any changes. , the unit will immediately make immediate adjustments.

  • Complete renovation

At the end of the ad account lease term and the end of the Facebook marketing campaign, a final master report will be sent. Businesses can rely on that to determine the success of the campaign. In case the business wants to continue to extend the lease term of the advertising account, the contract will continue to be signed but may be at a lower cost. The process will be repeated as outlined above.

When you choose to hire a Facebook Agency account, focus on the following criteria:

  • Hire from a reputable service company with industry experience.
  • Rent a Facebook ad account for business.
  • Choose good fees and ensure account quality (good money, much support by Facebook).

The cost of renting an ad account will depend on the budget you will be running on this Agency account. The larger the operating budget, the lower the service fee will be. The service fee is a % of the advertising budget running on the account over time. The time usually calculated here is one month:


With more than 7 years of experience in business support, the store deploys Facebook advertising campaigns. We now have a list of extremely reputable Facebook Agency accounts. Thanks to:

  • Do many advertising campaigns on here.
  • Budget running on all accounts is set at over $20,000
  • 100% compliance with advertising policies from Facebook.

It is thanks to the above factors that advertising accounts often:

  • Ads are quickly approved by the FB system
  • Huge budget burn.
  • Support to accurately reach the most potential customers.

Therefore, please contact us to immediately use the high quality Facebook advertising account rental service package!!!!

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