Benefits of Facebook Invoice Account When running ads

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In the face of unexpected fluctuations from advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Bing, owning and managing an Invoice account has become important for businesses. However, many people still do not understand what an Invoice account is and how it differs from a regular advertising account. At the same time, many people want to know how to receive an Invoice account. Let’s explore the details in this article by Optimal Marketing Agency!

What is an Invoice account?

An Invoice account, also known as an Invoice Adwords account, is the highest level of account in the Business Manager system. It is a special type of account designed for organizations with large advertising budgets or reputable Agency-Partner partners who use it to develop advertising platforms on Facebook, Google, TikTok, or Bing. The Invoice account is also referred to by many other names such as BM invoice, BM Agency, Monthly Invoicing, etc.

Facebook Invoice account

A Facebook Invoice account, also known as BM Invoice, is the highest level of account in the Facebook Business Manager system. It is a special type of account that Facebook provides to demonstrate high credibility and is given top priority in running ads.

This account is only provided to organizations with large advertising budgets or reputable Agency-Partner partners who specialize in developing advertising platforms that serve Facebook’s ecosystem. However, not every individual or organization can own this account, but must go through a review process and meet specific criteria from Facebook.

An Invoice account differs from regular accounts in that it is not limited by daily spending. Instead, it allows businesses to spend continuously until the credit limit is reached. After the credit limit is reached, businesses will pay Facebook afterwards. For Agency partners, they can receive discounts from this credit limit.

Google Ads Invoice account

A Google Ads Invoice account is a special type of account designed to pay advertising bills on the Google platform for businesses or individuals.

Instead of paying directly with cash, a Google Ads Invoice account helps create a more convenient and faster payment process. Businesses or individuals can use an Invoice account to manage and pay for advertising bills they have used on Google platform such as Google Ads

Compared to other accounts

Compared to other accounts on the market, an Invoice account has the following differences:

Payment method

  • Regular account: To use this account, you need to pay a certain amount in advance. When running ads, the corresponding amount will be deducted directly from your account. If you do not add more money, the ad will be temporarily suspended.
  • BM Invoice: With a BM Invoice account, you can spend all the money within the credit limit or only need to pay once at the end of the month. With this account, you don’t have to worry about ads being suspended.

Budget limit

  • Regular account: This account has a daily spending limit and cannot significantly increase the budget. Therefore, you may have difficulty setting a large budget for your ads.
  • BM Invoice: Superior to regular accounts, a BM Invoice account has no daily budget limit. You can continue to run ads until the credit limit is reached. This provides flexibility and convenience for advertising with a larger budget.

Sustainability and stability

  • Regular account: This account often encounters problems when Facebook scans data. After each “storm,” the account may be limited or permanently disabled.
  • Invoice account: The great thing about a BM Invoice account is that you can set up hundreds of campaigns, hundreds of groups, and hundreds of ads without worrying about being detected abnormally. This account provides flexibility and ensures that you can run ads on a large scale without being restricted.

Cash flow speed

  • Regular account: Sometimes, it may take a few hours for the ad campaign to start running after being set up. This can cause a long wait to start running ads.
  • BM Invoice: With a BM Invoice account, you will experience fast speed. Immediately after setting up the campaign, it will be activated and start running, and the money will also be deducted immediately. This help you save time and quickly start your advertising.

What are the benefits of using an Invoice account in Facebook Ads? 

An Invoice account is created to simplify the payment process for businesses. Despite having to pay a fee for advertising, businesses accept it because of the following benefits:

  1. Use USD and pay later: Since the Invoice account uses USD to run advertising campaigns and pay for incurred costs, businesses can take advantage of these utilities first and pay later without waiting, saving time.
  2. VIP account and security: The Invoice account is only provided to agencies or businesses that have direct partnerships with Facebook, Google, TikTok, Bing. This ensures high credibility and security for the account.
  3. Reduce risk and easy operation: Although the process of owning an Invoice account can be complex and time-consuming initially, after having an account, businesses will easily perform transactions and operations. The business’s account will not have to wait for multiple approvals for large projects, deposit money into the account, and minimize risks in the payment process.
  4. Run thousands of different-sized advertising campaigns: The Invoice account allows you to create and manage multiple diverse advertising campaigns simultaneously. You can run advertising campaigns at the same time for different products, services, or events.

That’s why businesses accept the complex and difficult steps to own an Invoice account. After owning this account, businesses will enjoy many benefits and utilities in the advertising and payment process.

What are the conditions to be granted an Invoice account in Facebook Ads?

Owning an Invoice account can be considered as owning a treasure trove because of the benefits it brings. However, to have an Invoice account from Facebook, Google, TikTok, Bing, you need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Have a support representative from Facebook, Google, TikTok, Bing.
  2. Reach a minimum spending level of 10,000 USD/month for at least 3 consecutive months.
  3. To maintain the Invoice account, the minimum spending level must reach 5,000 USD/month.
  4. Comply with the advertising policies of platforms such as Facebook, Google, TikTok, Bing.

When you meet all of the above conditions, “the platforms” will send you an invitation to use this feature. However, after being granted an Invoice account, you need to spend a large and regular amount of money on that account to avoid being revoked.

The regulations on owning an Invoice account are very strict. Usually, you have to connect directly with the representative of these applications to be able to own this VIP account.

When you own an Invoice account, you can rent the account with a fee ranging from 1-12% of the advertising budget that the renting unit has set.

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What are some notes to keep in mind when renting/owning an Invoice account? 

Here are some important notes to keep in mind when renting or owning an Invoice account:

  1. Comply with advertising policies: Even as an Invoice account user, you still have to comply with Facebook’s advertising policies. If you violate these policies, the Invoice account may also be locked. Like regular accounts, violating advertising policies can have serious consequences, including account locking. Therefore, if any individual or organization intends to use an Invoice account to advertise prohibited products, they should stop immediately because the account may be locked within 1 month.
  2. Pay on time: To avoid risks and impact on advertising campaigns, it is very important to pay on time. In case of late payment, advertising campaigns will be suspended until you complete the payment. Delaying payment can have negative impacts on all Fanpages and advertising accounts related to the Invoice account. Therefore, ensuring timely payment will help maintain advertising campaigns continuously and stably.

Can you buy Facebook Invoice Account?

An Invoice account cannot be bought or sold, but can only be rented or provided free of charge by official partners of platforms such as Facebook, Google, TikTok, Bing.

To use an Invoice account, you should contact reliable partners and comply with the platform’s policies to obtain an official account and ensure the security and effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Renting an advertising account

The cost of renting an advertising account on this Agency account will depend on the budget you will use for the advertising campaign. Specifically, when you have a larger advertising budget, the service fee will decrease. This service fee is calculated based on a percentage rate of the advertising budget that you pay on the account over a certain period of time.

You can refer to the official website of Optimal Marketing Agency for more information on pricing, or contact the experts here directly to get free answers to your questions.


We hope that through this article, Optimal Marketing Agency has helped you get an overview of what an Invoice account is and the benefits it brings. If you are interested in renting or owning an Invoice account, please note the information we have mentioned. Thank you for reading this article and we wish you success in your advertising work.








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