4 Essential SEO Research Initiatives To Proceed

Dai Nguyen

SEO is becoming harder and harder to achieve success since thousands of algorithm updates and the development of Google SGE have optimized the SERPs. Therefore, you should conduct SEO Research to remove all uncertainty in your path forward.

If you wanna do some SEO research initiatives, now should be the exact moment. The below list of SEO approaches that help you will come back into the spotlight. After finishing the list, we hope you will have more knowledge about SEO to gain success in your career. Good luck!

Keyword Trend Analysis

You see, almost anything that exists on the Internet will have its time, and that’s the simplest definition of the term “Trend”. Keyword analysis is not an exception, and each trend will be involved in the keyword trend analysis. If you are wondering how it will affect SEO, here are the main elements:

  • New keywords.
  • Keyword landscape alternatives.
  • Changes in your focus keywords that you have optimized from the beginning of your site.

To keep up-to-date with the trends, you can use some tools such as:

These extensions add more insights and features to the normal Google Trends data.

Google Trend Data

We suggest that you keep using one of these extensions to ensure the data of long keywords, trending topics, and data exports in real-time. Also, following Google Trends can reduce the chances of Organic Traffic Drop.

Social Media Channel Analysis

If you wanna keep track of real-time and up-to-date data, you shouldn’t ignore these platforms:

  • Social media channels: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Threads, and more.
  • FAQ pages: If your site sells a product or service, you will surely have an FAQ page to answer presale questions of customers. This page will also contribute to the overall content of your product and hit some queries.
  • Forums: We are no longer strangers to forums where users around the world can chat and exchange information just via a screen. Some forums like Quora or Reddit can help you deliver content to more users, promote your brand awareness, and make sales.
Social Media

When working on these social media channels, you must follow the rules (if available) and try to be as helpful as possible. Don’t announce your services or goods all the time since it might lead to some people’s pissing off.

Analysis of Customer Range

For a business, you mustn’t miss the customer research to find their needs. However, for SEO research, approaching your customers for better understanding is rare as it will involve collaborations between different teams and tools. You may refer to some tools such as:

  • Heat mapping websites such as Hotjar heat map.
  • Survey conductors like Google Forms or Microsoft Forms.
Heat Maps

Our tips are: not overusing it, making clear how this data type will be used, and only collecting valuable data.

The customer service and sales teams have valuable information about customer behavior and challenges, which can be used to improve your SEO strategy. Similarly, paid media teams have data on high-performing keywords, ads, and audiences, which can also be used to report organic search efforts. Sometimes, paid media data will come in handy when relocating your SEO priorities and strategies.

SEO Research On Striking Keywords

The last initiative in the SEO research trends is the SERP research on the top-tier keywords.

There were 10 results in a SERP in the past, and moving from 11th place to 10th (which means ranking your page to the first SERP) is the best thing an SEOer can do. Improvements resulting from Google’s use of infinite scroll in the SERPs now rely more on positioning about other SERP elements, such as embedded videos or “People also ask” sections that move content down the scroll, than they do on page breaks.

People Also Ask Example

Reliability to other SERP factors such as embedded videos or the “People also ask” section that moves content down the scroll, is now more important for improvements stemming from Google’s use of infinite scroll in the SERPs than page breaks.

Regarding The SEO Research Initiatives

When working on SEO, you will do SEO research a lot to find which SEO strategy will be useful for your website. Besides those SEO research initiatives, we believe that AI-generated content will become an innovation in search marketing. However, focusing on SEO fundamentals is still the best way to prepare for all Google updates.

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