9 Essential Tips to Increase Instagram Followers

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The most talked about topic on Instagram these days is how difficult it is to gain followers, how obvious it is to lose followers, and my account has been banned again. I don’t want to play anymore. It feels like every time I talk about Instagram, everything turns from sunshine to thunderstorm. Those basic operations are an effective channel for increasing followers and marketing on Instagram. Today, let’s talk about the top 9 essential tips for increasing Instagram followers.

Improving First Impressions on Instagram followers

When it comes to Instagram, first impressions matter. Just like love at first sight, an account that makes people feel comfortable from the outset can leave a lasting positive impact.  Here are some key elements to consider for a stellar first impression:

  • Unified Aesthetics: Ensure that your color tone remains consistent, and that your post images complement each other. A cohesive visual theme creates a professional and appealing vibe.
  • Font Consistency: Regularity in font usage matters. Whether you choose a playful or steady font, stick with it throughout your posts and stories. Consistent typography adds to the overall professionalism of your account.
  • Avatar and Bio Alignment: Your avatar (profile picture) should align with your account’s persona. Is it tall and confident, or friendly and approachable? Similarly, the pattern used in your bio should match your overall brand image.

The purpose is to make the account look professional and awesome.


 As for KFC, their Instagram avatar indeed mirrors their recognizable brand logo. It’s a smart move!

Avatar IG of KFC

Content is King

No matter which social media platform it is, content is fundamental. Especially Instagram, a social platform that relies on high-quality photos, has stricter requirements for content.  Users decide whether to follow an account based on the content they see. Aim for substance over sheer volume.

If time is scarce, consider using editing apps to enhance your photos. Simple adjustments can make a significant difference. Remember, consistency matters. Platforms like Pexels, Flickr, Imgur, and 500px offer a treasure trove of free images. Use them as a resource for your posts. Don’t hesitate to repurpose content from TikTok, YouTube, or Douyin (if applicable). Just ensure it aligns with your Instagram style. While sourcing material, be selective. Ensure that each piece aligns with your overall account style. Patchwork content can dilute your brand image.

Using hashtags

Since Instagram has passed the bonus period of violent fan increase, the usage of tags has become more important. While Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, it’s best to use a moderate number. Aim for quality over quantity. Too many hashtags can appear spammy and clutter your caption or comments.

Instagram has its own particularities, such as the most commonly used tags shoutout, F4F, Instagood, like4like,… Top-ranking popular tags such as love, follow and other words are also frequently used.


Using follow-unfollow strategies

 It’s essential to strike a balance when using follow-unfollow strategies on social media platforms like Instagram.

Let’s break down some key points:

  • Follow-Unfollow Strategy: Following others and then unfollowing them can indeed lead to shadowbanning or other penalties. Instagram’s algorithms are smart, and they can detect suspicious behavior patterns. Consistently following and unfollowing accounts in a short period raises red flags.
  • Operational Frequency: You’ve hit the nail on the head! The frequency of your actions matters. Operating too frequently—whether it’s liking, reposting, or commenting—can trigger Instagram’s safety mechanisms. It’s crucial to space out your interactions to avoid suspicion.
  • The Magic Number: You mentioned 20 operations per day, not necessarily 20 people. This approach is wise. It’s better to engage with a smaller number of accounts genuinely than to spam many accounts. The exact number varies, but your cautious approach is commendable.
  • Why Not 30 or 40?: Ah, the mystery of numbers! While there’s no universal magic number, staying below 30 or 40 interactions per day is a good rule of thumb. It minimizes risk while still allowing you to connect with others.
  • Fear of Bans: You’re not alone! Many users fear being banned. Instagram’s guidelines are strict, and they’ve cracked down on spammy behavior. So, proceed with care and respect for the platform’s rules.
  • Advantageous Period: You’re right—the golden age of gaining followers through follow-unfollow tactics has waned. Authentic engagement, quality content, and community building matter more now. It’s about building meaningful connections.

Multiple account linkage

During the period when Instagram is gaining popularity, you can use Instagram to divert traffic to other platforms such as Facebook. Now we have to do the opposite and rely on other social media platforms to drive traffic to Instagram. You can simultaneously publish your posts to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other platforms to increase exposure and let more people see it.

At present, the most suitable social media for traffic diversion is TikTok, which is popular and provides free traffic around the world. Many people may have doubts again. TikTok provides free global traffic. This kind of traffic is inaccurate. Directing it to these fans on Instagram is of no use. Whether the traffic diversion is accurate depends on two important aspects:

  • One is related to the verticality of your TikTok account. Is it a vertical account? For example, your Instagram account sells beauty products. Correspondingly, your TikTok account also needs a beauty account to guide traffic. If you create a beauty account, you will eventually attract a group of big men to pay attention to your beauty products. account?
  • The second is related to your operating methods. After setting up a TikTok account, many people just let it go, chatting at most, thinking that as long as they get fans of the TikTok account, they’re done, and rarely put any effort into diversion. The simplest is to do a giveaway activity on TikTok, with three operation paths.

The first is to inform fans that they are doing activities on Instagram, and if they need free products, go to Instagram to check the specific rules; The second is to indicate the activity rules on Instagram posts or copywriting, and set the conditions for following, liking, forwarding, and tagging yourself. The third is to use automated software to automatically follow fans and send private messages.

This method is much simpler and more efficient than doing F4F every day and paying attention to others. The biggest expense is the product cost, which is negligible compared with the results.

Copywriting guidance

 Copywriting is like seasoning for your content—it adds flavor and makes it memorable. Let’s explore some effective copywriting techniques to engage your audience:

  • Humor and Wordplay: Clever wordplay catches attention. Like the melatonin and Wanglaoji examples you mentioned, humor sticks in people’s minds. Use puns, rhymes, or unexpected twists to create memorable slogans.
  • Emotional Appeal: Tap into emotions. Whether it’s fear, joy, or nostalgia, evoke feelings that resonate with your audience. For instance, “Afraid of getting angry? Drink Wanglaoji!” appeals to the desire for calmness.
  • Simplicity and Clarity: Keep it concise. Simple, straightforward copy is more effective. Avoid jargon or complex language. “No gifts, just melatonin” is clear and intriguing.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Encourage action. Use phrases like “Like if you agree,” “Tag a friend,” or “Share your thoughts.” CTAs prompt engagement.
  • Exclusivity and Urgency: Create a sense of exclusivity: “Limited time offer!” or “Exclusive access.” Urgency motivates action.

Use the platform’s built-in features

This content is a bit metaphysical. Let me ask you a question, if we use Instagram’s built-in filters and other special effects to
weight the posts?
Good content is the foundation. If the content is too bad, no matter how you add special effects, it will be in vain. Let me talk about my customary usage, and use the system’s built-in functions when publishing posts. It also looks very good and looks cool. Whether it can be weighted depends on Instagram. There is currently no official channel stating that it will be weighted, but I have always done this.

Regularity in your Instagram updates

Frequency of Posts

  • You’re absolutely right. Posting too sporadically or flooding your followers’ feeds can be counterproductive. Aim for a consistent posting schedule.
  • Two to three posts per day is a reasonable range. It allows you to maintain visibility without overwhelming your audience.
  • Consider spacing out your posts throughout the day to reach different segments of your followers.

Timing of Posts

  • Posting during your audience’s active hours is crucial. You want your content to appear when they’re most likely to engage.
  • Use Instagram Insights or other analytics tools to identify peak activity times for your specific audience.
  • Schedule your posts accordingly. Tools like Buffer, Later, or Instagram’s native scheduler can help automate this process.

Fixed-Point Sending

  • Absolutely! Automation tools allow you to schedule posts in advance.
  • Set up a content calendar with fixed posting times. This ensures consistency and frees up your time for other tasks.
  • Remember to monitor performance and adjust your strategy based on real-time data.

Instagram is indeed a long-term game

Instagram growth doesn’t happen overnight. It’s more like a marathon than a sprint. While the allure of rapid follower gains exists, focusing on quality over quantity is crucial. Accurate, engaged followers are far more valuable than a large but disinterested audience.

Those who genuinely appreciate your content and engage with it are the ones you want to attract. Building relationships with your followers takes time, but it pays off in the long run. These authentic connections lead to better engagement, brand loyalty, and potential business opportunities.

You’re right about the challenges. Automated tools can be risky due to account blocks and algorithm changes. Instagram’s evolving policies mean that old accounts need to adapt to survive. It’s essential to stay informed and adjust your strategy accordingly.

It’s easy to feel discouraged when comparing Instagram’s slow growth to platforms like TikTok. Remember that each platform has its unique audience, purpose, and dynamics. Instagram’s visual storytelling and community-building aspects offer distinct advantages.

Be a long-term utilitarian, as you wisely put it. Consistency, authenticity, and patience will pay off. Celebrate small victories, even if they’re double-digit follower increases. They add up over time.

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