Speed up your Facebook ads in review process

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There are many things to consider when preparing to launch new ads on Facebook. 

Is your ad copy compelling enough to drive conversions?

Are you targeting the right audience segment?

Is your campaign tracking set up correctly? …?

However, if you’re planning to successfully activate a new campaign, one of the most important steps is to get your ad approved by the Facebook platform. If you’re not fully prepared for the ad review process, you may quickly encounter some obstacles. Facebook ads can be the first obstacle you face when running a campaign. However, ignoring policies and content optimization can cause your ad to get stuck in this phase or worse, be rejected altogether. Today, we’ll explore common pitfalls in Facebook’s review system and equip you with tools to overcome them, ensuring your campaign runs smoothly and reaches its full potential.

What is the Facebook Ad Review Process?

The Facebook Ad Review Process is a system designed to review all ads before they go live. This system relies primarily on automated technology or sometimes human review to apply the Advertising Policies to the millions of ads that run across Facebook’s apps.

The ad review system reviews ads for violations of Facebook’s Advertising Standards. The review process is crucial to maintain high standards of quality and relevance for ads on the platform. This includes the ad content, images, targeting, and other factors. Once the review process is complete and your ad complies with Facebook’s policies, it will be approved and can start running to reach your target audience.

Why is your process too long?

Most ads are reviewed within 24 hours, although the process can be completed in a matter of minutes in some cases, while in others, it may take days. Remember, ads may be reviewed again, including after they are live. If you want an ad to start running on a specific date or time in the future, you can schedule your ad. Once the ad is submitted it will go through ad review but won’t begin delivering until your start date.

The ad review process may take longer due to a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • New advertising account is not yet verified identity
  • Ad content violations
  • Sensitive topics
  • A high volume of ads
  • Landing page discrepancies
  • Multiple times editing ads

What are the steps for the Facebook ad review process?

According to Facebook, the ad review process involves three steps:

  1. Submitting a new or edited ad for approval.
  2. Reviewing the ad by Facebook’s automated technology and human reviewers.
  3. Approving or rejecting your ad based on the results of the review.

However, in reality, the review process is a little more complicated, and it’s important to understand what’s involved in each of these individual steps. 

  1. Submission: You submit a new or edited ad for approval.
  2. Initial Review: Facebook’s automated system reviews your ad to ensure it complies with their Advertising Policies and Community Standards. If the system detects any issues, it will flag your ad for further review by a human reviewer.
  3. Human Review: A human reviewer will examine your ad to determine whether it complies with Facebook’s policies. If the reviewer approves your ad, it will be published. If the reviewer rejects your ad, you can create a new ad or request another review.
  4. Ongoing Review: Even after your ad is published, Facebook’s automated system will continue to monitor it for compliance with their policies. If the system detects any issues, it may flag your ad for further review by a human reviewer.

It’s important to note that the review process can take longer than 24 hours, especially if your ad requires human review. Additionally, Facebook may require additional information or documentation from you to verify your identity or the content of your ad.

4 tips if your Facebook ads are still stuck in review

 If your Facebook ad is stuck in review, there are a few things you can do to resolve the issue. 

  • Request for review appeal
  • Reset your ‘‘in review’’ ads
  • Request for ads review appeal
  • Duplicate ads on an account that has been running steadily

Request for ads review appeal

If an advertiser finds that their Facebook ad campaign is taking longer than expected to be reviewed, they can proactively request help from Facebook. This specific request can be conveniently sent through the Account Quality section of the Meta platform. This special feature not only allows advertisers to expedite the review process but also emphasizes their dedication to meeting the quality and relevance standards of their ads.

By utilizing this feature, advertisers contribute to a smoother and more effective advertising experience, strengthening the relationship between content creators and the platform’s evaluation mechanism. You can access the Account Quality section for your convenience.

Reset your ‘‘in review’’ ads

Open Facebook Ads Manager, select all ads in your ad group, and click ‘pause’. Select your ad again, click ‘resume’, and wait for the review status to update. We know this sounds suspiciously like ‘turning it off and on again’ – but sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones!

Contact Facebook Support

If your Facebook ad is too long or your account has been disabled, and you have waited for 48 hours without approval, you should connect with Meta Business Support.

The system allows you to request approval proactively. If you encounter any issues with your account, payment, or posts, seek assistance from the Meta Business Support team to receive guidance from Facebook experts. For comprehensive solutions to all your questions and concerns, navigate to the Meta Business Help Center, where Facebook’s dedicated system is ready to provide professional support and guide you step-by-step. Success in running Facebook ads is not just a goal; it’s a journey, and Meta Business Support is your reliable partner.

Duplicate ads on an account that has been running steadily

An account that has demonstrated stability and success over a period of 8 months is often evaluated as having high reliability in the Facebook Ads rating system. This reliability can translate into some advantages for advertisers. Firstly, there is a possibility of reducing the review time for ads submitted through such an account because the system recognizes the reliability of the account’s advertising history. Conversely, this increases the chances of quick approval when running new campaigns.

Moreover, an account with a history of effective advertising campaigns may be prioritized in the platform’s ranking. This prioritization method can display ads in more prominent positions in search results, increasing their visibility and impact.

Furthermore, when copied to a Facebook Agency Ads account, it not only speeds up the approval process but also reduces the need for extensive content changes. This enhances the efficiency and convenience of the advertising experience for advertisers.

In conclusion

Facing challenges with Facebook Ads is common for both new and experienced advertisers. To navigate this, pay attention to details and have a clear understanding of Facebook. Always ensure that your ad content is transparent, accurate, and consistent, while avoiding attempts to deceive or mislead your audience.

If the issue persists, the best solution is to contact Facebook agencies to use their Facebook advertising agency account and receive their support. Learning from the most effective operators can also improve your advertising content. Explore some of the most successful campaigns on Facebook to get valuable insights!

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