How to know someone linked email on Facebook in 2024?

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Currently, email remains a valuable tool for connecting with potential customers. For professional marketers, amassing a significant number of high quality email address is essential. In this article, Optimal Marketing Agency provides guidance on several straightforward and effective methods to view other people’s linked email on Facebook.

Why you might need to find email on Facebook?

When you might need to find an email on Facebook, there are several reasons to consider. Here are some common scenarios where finding an email on Facebook could be helpful:

  • Contacting Someone Outside of Facebook: If you need to reach out to a Facebook user but don’t have their email address, finding their email on Facebook can provide an alternative means of communication.

  • Business or Professional Communication: In some cases, you may need to connect with someone for professional or business-related purposes, and having their email address can be beneficial for sending detailed information, documents, or formal correspondence.

  • Networking and Collaboration: When looking to expand your professional network or collaborate on projects, obtaining an individual’s email address from their Facebook profile can facilitate more direct and formal communication.

  • Privacy and Security: Verifying the authenticity of a Facebook account or confirming the identity of a person you’re communicating with can be aided by cross-referencing their email address.

  • Recovering an Account: In the event that you’ve lost access to your Facebook account, having the associated email address readily available can be essential for account recovery.

If you’re considering finding an email on Facebook for any of these reasons, it’s important to do so in a respectful and appropriate manner, adhering to Facebook’s policies and guidelines regarding user privacy and data protection.

How to know someone linked email on Facebook by Atomic Email Hunter

Atomic Email Hunter is software designed for searching the web and directories for email addresses based on your specified criteria. Similar to a skilled hunter or a diligent bot, the program delves deep into network systems to collect relevant information you need.

Follow these 5 steps to complete the process of viewing someone’s email on Facebook:

Step 1: Begin by downloading the Atomic Email Hunter software.

How to know someone linked email on Facebook by Atomic Email Hunter 

Visit the Atomic Email Hunter homepage. Click on the arrow next to the “Start New Search” section. Select “New Search”.

Step 2: Next, your computer will display a new window > Choose “Software retrieve email from Facebook“. Proceed to the “Location Selection” section.

Step 3: In the Country section, click on “Select the country you want” and then press “OK“.

Step 4: You select the “Get from Cache” box, then choose “I will wait” to complete the process of viewing someone else’s email on Facebook using the Atomic Email Hunter software.

Step 5: The screen will display the results of email addresses. Please copy them.

How to know someone linked email on Facebook by Email Extractor 

Email Extractor is a tool developed for the Google Chrome platforms. Its ability to scan and search for email addresses is remarkable, and it works on various websites, including Facebook.

Here are the outstanding advantages of Email Extractor:

  • Absolute Account Safety: It ensures the safety of your account.
  • Smart Interface and User-Friendly: The interface is intelligent and easy to use.
  • Swift Scanning: It quickly scans, eliminating the need to copy each email individually.
  • Copy All Emails on Screen: It allows you to copy all email addresses visible on the screen, even within messages (watch the video).
  • Export to TXT File: You can export the results to a TXT file.

Step 1: Add to Chrome Email Extractor

How to know someone linked email on Facebook by Email Extractor

Step 2: You have completed the installation of the Email Extractor application. Now, navigate to any link on Facebook, ensuring that an email address is visible there.



Step 3: After viewing all the emails, click on the icon of the Email Extractor tool located at the top right. Then select the Export option to save the emails to a TXT file.


We hope that the article provides you with the simplest and free ways to view other people’s emails on Facebook. For marketers, collecting high-quality emails is crucial, and currently, email is considered a useful tool to get closer to potential customers. For more informative articles, visit the “Blog” section of Optimal Marketing Agency.

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