Facebook Ads Not Converting and How to Fix It

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Are you tired of running Facebook Ads not converting into sales? You’re not alone.  In this article, we’ll discuss some common reasons why Facebook Ads don’t convert and how to fix them.

The Mechanism of Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads target users based on information such as location, age, gender, demographics, and personal information provided by users. When setting up Facebook ads, the target audience will be selected through advertising settings. After creating the ad, the final step is to set the budget and bid price for each click or per thousand impressions. The most important thing when setting up ads is targeting – targeting advertising goals. The advertising goals you need to fill in are as follows:

  • Location
  • Age – Gender
  • Interests
  • Broad Categories – You can choose activities or interests that your customers often have.

From there, Facebook will distribute your ads to potential customers and display them. That is the basic operation of Facebook advertising.

The mechanism of Facebook advertising is that you pay to buy a position on Facebook to display your ads to potential customers. When you set up and launch an advertising campaign, Facebook will allocate your ads to the people it deems most suitable. Therefore, during the preparation of the ad template, there are many reasons that lead to the case of Facebook ads not converting.

Reasons Why Facebook Ads Are Not Converting

Wrong Audience Targeting

When the target audience is not accurately identified or when the targeting parameters are too broad or narrow, the advertisement will not reach the right people at the right time. Therefore, despite the quality or persuasive content of the advertisement, exposure to an uninterested or irrelevant audience will reduce the ability to drive conversions. Poor targeting reduces the impact of advertising, leading to a waste of resources and a lack of meaningful interaction from the audience.

After creating a custom audience, advertisers can use that audience as the source to create a lookalike audience. Facebook is now very intelligent and will automatically learn from user behavior and preferences, and automatically distribute ads to individuals it deems appropriate. This helps advertisers to reach a wider audience with similar interests and behaviors, which can lead to higher conversion rates and better ROI.

Low advertising budget

Facebook’s nature is to distribute randomly. Sometimes, if you run at a budget that is too low, the results will not be very effective. Or when you run products with relatively high prices while the budget is too small, it leads to the inability to place orders.

So why does a small budget make it impossible for you to generate leads? The reason is that there are many competitors running the same file with you and selling the same product at your level. When their budget is higher, they will get more leads.

Another option is to increase your budget by 10-20% every 4-7 days to achieve better results. If you are using a lifetime budget for an ad that is going to run for five days, the budget must be five times the daily minimum budget.

Facebook Ads difficult to sell

Products that are difficult to sell on Facebook are usually high-value items such as expensive furniture sets, luxury cars, real estate, etc. If your product is not good enough, customers will not buy. Therefore, you need to ensure that your product is good enough to attract customers.

Usually, with high-value products like these, advertisers will run ads to get a large amount of data from interested customers. Then they will take care of this data and go through many more steps before they can sell the product. Therefore, this is a product that is very difficult to sell directly through advertising, and the budget spent on reaching customers will also be higher.

Unattractive content

Content is an extremely important factor that includes text, images, sound, and video. Because it directly affects the emotions of customers. It can attract customers to buy products or vice versa. Content must be attractive from the title and the first few sentences.

No seeding

In case your ad template has attractive content, the target is correct with the appropriate customer file. But still not converting, it may be because you have not used the Seeding service.

Wrong advertising format

The ad format is how you want to run the ad to optimize that format. To make it easier to understand, I’ll give you some examples:

For fashion products, the goal is usually to have many customers message the Fanpage for advice and care. At this point, the target is usually to run Messenger. Facebook will then send ad templates to customers who frequently buy products through messaging.

On the other hand, for high-priced products, the conversion option is usually chosen because customers will fill out information and receive advice from telesales, and the product sales process will be behind the scenes. At this point, selling will become more effective.

You need to determine your goals before running ads. Ads are used to collect customer information, inbox, interaction, create brand, like, and share. From there, Facebook will help you achieve a higher campaign efficiency.

How to Fix Facebook Ads Are Not Converting

Optimizing Facebook Custom Audiences

There are several custom audience options to choose from:

  • Customer list: You can upload customer data such as email addresses or phone numbers. Facebook matches this data with its user base to create a custom audience.
  • Website custom audience (WCA): Using Facebook Pixel, you can retarget users who have visited your website, specific pages, or performed certain actions on their website.
  • App activity custom audience: You can create an audience based on user interactions within their app, allowing ads to be targeted to users who have performed specific actions.
  • Engagement custom audience: Target users who have interacted with specific content on Facebook, such as videos, lead forms, or events.

After creating a custom audience, advertisers can use that audience as a source to create a lookalike audience. These lookalike audiences include users with similarities to the source audience, expanding the reach to new potential customers with similar behaviors or characteristics.

Rise your budget

To improve your ad campaign’s performance, you can consider raising your budget. However, it’s important to evaluate your budget allocation with respect to your ad campaign objectives and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) to ensure that your ad doesn’t bring negative ROAS unless it’s for brand awareness.

Facebook does not have a fixed maximum budget for daily ad spend. However, Facebook might impose spending limits based on your account history, payment methods, or adherence to their policies. If you want to run ads without spending limits, a Facebook agency is the best choice!

Changing the Format of Running Ads

There are two most popular forms of advertising on Facebook: running Messenger ads to attract users to message and running conversion ads to drive traffic to landing pages.

Running Messenger ads is simpler, but you will need a script. And hire consultants for customers via Messenger. As for the conversion form, you will need telesales to call back and consult with customers.

There will be other forms of advertising such as click to web. However, this form of advertising will be suitable for those who are affiliated with e-commerce platforms. Then you will take the link of the product and run it directly. Your goal at this point is just for users to click on the link.

Each product will have different forms of advertising. There is no general formula, nor is there any advice on which form to run. You should come up with the most suitable form of advertising for your product.

In conclusion

Facebook ad delivery issue is a common problem that advertisers face. We hope that our article has helped you identify the root cause of the issue and provided you with appropriate solutions. Sometimes, it takes multiple tests to succeed and generate profits. Don’t forget to follow Optimal Marketing Agency regularly to stay updated with the latest information on Facebook Ads.



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