Available Google Cryptocurrency Accounts: Renting Accounts for Running Digital Currency Campaigns

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Cryptocurrency and digital currency exchanges are lucrative niche markets that offer high revenue potential. To boost your business operations, advertising on Google is an effective way to reach a broader customer base. However, it’s important to note that the cryptocurrency and digital currency exchange industry is among Google’s restricted categories. As a result, you may frequently encounter issues such as ad disapproval, account suspensions, high advertising costs, and more. To overcome these challenges, consider renting a Google account for your cryptocurrency advertising needs from Optimal Agency today!

Regulations for Running Cryptocurrency Ads on Google

Before exploring the option of renting Google accounts for running cryptocurrency campaigns, it’s essential to understand the requirements and regulations for cryptocurrency advertising on Google. Similar to Facebook, Google has policies in place to protect users from fraudulent activities related to financial products and services. Therefore, if you wish to promote cryptocurrency, you must comply with the regulations of the country your ads are targeting.

You can conduct business unrelated to buying, holding, or trading cryptocurrencies while adhering to Google Ads’ other policies. This includes the design of hardware wallets for storing private keys for cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or other related crypto assets.

Advertisers can run Google Ads for cryptocurrency-related products and services when they adhere to local laws and industry standards. Additionally, Google must certify Google Ads accounts running cryptocurrency campaigns.

If you want to obtain certification for restricted financial products, you can find more information here. Furthermore, you must meet the licensing requirements of the specific country or region where certification is provided.

In some countries, financial services advertisers may need to undergo a verification process. This process involves providing information about the type of financial services you offer, your operating license, registration number, and other relevant details. Depending on the country, there may be specific requirements for the verification process.”

Please note that these regulations and requirements may evolve over time, and it’s essential to stay updated with Google’s policies regarding cryptocurrency advertising.

Risks Associated with Google Accounts for Cryptocurrency Ads

Before considering renting Google accounts for cryptocurrency advertising, it’s crucial to understand the requirements and regulations for running such campaigns on Google. Much like Facebook, Google enforces strict policies to safeguard users from deceptive practices related to financial products and services. Hence, promoting cryptocurrency requires adherence to the specific regulations of the targeted country.

Here are common issues that cryptocurrency advertisers often encounter:

Lack of Quality Google Ads Accounts for Crypto Advertising

Given that Google restricts and prohibits the advertising of virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies, running ads in this sector can lead to account suspensions. Many individuals attempt to purchase aged email accounts to create Google accounts for cryptocurrency ads, but these accounts often face quick bans. This process can be time-consuming, as nurturing an account may take 7 to 10 days, only to face potential account bans.

Cryptocurrency-related Errors and Troubles

Even with access to Google accounts for cryptocurrency advertising, cryptocurrency-related errors are commonplace. These can be challenging to resolve if you lack the expertise.

Non-Billing and Ad Suppression

Depositing funds and gaining campaign approvals do not guarantee successful advertising. The cryptocurrency field is highly competitive, and the winning bidder for keyword auctions is the one whose ads get displayed. To ensure priority for your campaigns, you need a sufficient daily budget, high keyword CPC, and a well-funded account. If your campaign depletes its budget, Google will move on to the next bidder.

Click Fraud and High CPC Clicks

The competitive nature of cryptocurrency advertising leads to an abundance of click fraud. Some competitors resort to tactics like click fraud to outdo their rivals.

  • In cases of minor click fraud with inexperienced individuals, you need not worry. Google typically doesn’t charge for such clicks and will reimburse you. Signs include unusually high click-through rates (CTR) and mouse clicks.
  • However, if you encounter experienced click fraudsters, they may switch IPs to countries with high CPC rates and click on your ads like genuine customers. This situation results in financial losses. Monitor your account to identify click fraud and take corrective actions to prevent further losses.

Remember, these issues may vary depending on your specific situation and location. Staying informed about cryptocurrency advertising policies and strategies is essential to navigate these challenges effectively.

Guide: How to Successfully Run Crypto Advertising Campaigns on Google Ads

When you decide to venture into the world of cryptocurrency advertising on Google Ads, achieving a successful campaign requires in-depth knowledge of the process and the steps involved. Here is a detailed guide to help you effectively run your crypto advertising campaigns on Google Ads.

Step 1: Prepare Materials Before Launching the Campaign

Computer and Operating System

Before launching a campaign, ensure that your computer and operating system are running smoothly. If needed, consider reinstalling the operating system to avoid unexpected issues.

Internet Network IP

Use a reliable internet network IP. If necessary, reset the network or change the IP to ensure stability.

Email Account

Use a high-trust email account. This can help you avoid verification issues.

Quality Google Ads Account

To run crypto advertising on Google Ads, you need a quality and stable Google Ads account. You can either rent or purchase this account from reputable agencies.

Diverse Accounts

Launch campaigns from multiple accounts to increase your chances of success. Make sure your daily budget matches the requirements of campaign to avoid “die” accounts.

Proper Ad Group Setup

Ensure your ad groups are named accurately, and your ad titles are attractive and friendly to Google.

Step 2: The Standard Process for Running Crypto Advertising Campaigns

Crypto-Ready Google Ads Account

First, you need a trustworthy Google Ads account capable of running crypto campaigns. You can purchase or rent this account, then let it sit on the prepared email for at least one day.

Launching the Clean Campaign

Start by launching a clean campaign, avoiding setting an excessively high budget. The goal here is to get the campaign approved and start spending.

After the clean campaign is approved and starts spending

Proceed to launch the main campaign on your chosen platform (usually the product or service page of the crypto you are advertising). Be prepared to address crypto-related errors on your website.

Change the Campaign Link

Now, change the campaign link to the primary platform you want to advertise, and wait for the campaign to be successfully launched.

Important Notes:

  • To ensure the most potent campaign performance, keep the budget for the clean campaign low, allowing both clean and main campaigns to run concurrently. Maintaining the clean campaign can enhance the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.
  • Continuous monitoring, evaluation, and optimization of your advertising campaigns are necessary to ensure the best performance and compliance with Google Ads regulations related to cryptocurrency.

Please note that Google Ads policies regarding cryptocurrency can change, so it’s essential to stay informed about the latest updates and compliance requirements.

For a successful cryptocurrency campaign, your optimal choice would be Optimal Agency. We offer high-quality Google Ads accounts, backed by a team of experienced advertising experts. They are available 24/7 to ensure the absolute success of your campaign.

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