Paid Search: 4 Methods to Restructure Wtih AI

Dai Nguyen

AI & language model technologies are becoming more popular to expedite and improve campaign restructuring procedures as the paid search advertising market changes and develops daily.

According to a 20-year PPC manager, PPC will change a lot within 2 years with the rise of AI. Below are 4 ways to use AI to restructure paid search and ads accounts.

Looking For Fresh Keywords

To restructure your ad accounts, you must analyze the insights of all search terms and look for new keywords to add to ad campaigns or groups. However, this progress will take a lot of time and effort when working on various ad accounts, especially B2B ones.

If you want to use AI to search new keywords, these are some tools that will come in handy when:

  • Dataset analysis: AI can detect new valuable keywords that you might ignore or miss.
  • Highlight opportunities with statistical significance: Some search terms require additional information before being used.

AI tools will evaluate the statistical significance in addition to finding new terms. This will guarantee that you should concentrate on terms of having a history of generating conversions.

Generating Conversions.

Organizing Keywords By Categories

Organized ad groups with suitable category-related keywords will decide whether a paid search campaign is successful or not. On the other hand, your last ad campaign might added lots of keywords from the automatic recommendations or you just added them without noticing all keywords had to follow the planned theme.

Your ads will be more relevant to the search terms if you group keywords according to themes. Large language models like Google’s Gemini and ChatGPT are useful in this situation.

Keywords Organization

For instance, it is super easy to add keywords in the chatbox and use the tools to organize those keywords by categories. You know, working on thousands of keywords manually is nearly impossible.

Also, you can use large language models (LLMs) to model your keyword list. Up to over 2000 keywords, those LLMs can detect and categorize keywords to themes quickly and accurately.

Moreover, you should check for keyword duplicates since ad groups usually have duplicating keywords. Decreasing redundancy by improving the categorized keywords is more reasonable than putting more money on ads.

Optimizing Ads To Meet Your Audience’s Queries

This means improving ad relevance, quality metrics, and ad campaign effectiveness. After modeling categorized keywords, ad copy or ad content becomes the next target in the progress.

As a PPC manager, you must improvise your ad copy to the specific category of every ad group, sending a more related and impressive message to the audience – usually, the restructuring process results in new ad groups.

Instead of traditional responsive paid search ad creations, you can use AI for better outcomes. Let’s take an example of Gemini with this prompt: “Write me 10 different headlines with 40 characters or less that will work for my Google ads account rental service‘s search ad”.

Gemini Prompt Result

However, please remember that the human aspect is still the top priority to the paid search, not to mention that it’s irreplaceable.

Adding & Optimizing Images

By producing new imagery, Google Ads’ AI-powered image generation widget will expedite testing and save time & resources.

Google Ads' AI-powered image generation widget

For brands competing on a platform where image is a crucial tool and operating on a tight budget, saving time and expense will have a significant impact.

You may find a theory that the content produced with new features such as AI generators, might be given priority on various platforms. Since the platform gathers data on the tool, this might temporarily increase the visibility of your ads. Temporary is still better than nothing, do you think so?

AI-generated images can be advantageous for certain advertisers and ad campaigns, although the precise impact is yet unknown. Considering Optimal Marketing Agency is only available online, it will have a consistent appearance across brands, unlike apparel that has distinct styles on paid search.

Endnote On Restructuring Paid Search With AI

In this decade, AI has been receiving a lot of joy and concern since it affects everything a lot. From the beginning, we only used AI as chatbots such as ChatGPT or Gemini but the possibilities of AI are unlimited.

AI integration will let paid search specialists optimize the ad campaigns and groups, moving your role to a more strategic place and shaping outcomes.

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